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The few villages along the Yana subsist by fishing, trapping sables, and raising reindeer. The herds graze in the surrounding tundra, where thousands of mammoth skeletons lie buried in the ice. Right: A tibia.

Our handsomest trophy, a mammoth tusk more than six feet long. Unfortunately it was too heavy to bring to our final destination, Nizlmeyansk, a small port on the Arctic Ocean. When we reached it after an expedition lasting a year and a half, we found a crowd of more than four hundred people gathered to celebrate our arrival.

The Yana’s current was too weak and the headwind too strong for us to drift along lazily. When the wind was against us, we rowed eight to fifteen hours a day in order to reach the Arctic Ocean before the cold set in.
With Wagner as a men- tor, he received an Shenzhen Map in-depth wine industry education. In 1995 Austin traveled to France to learn Rhonestyle winemaking. Shenzhen Map Later that year he graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, with a degree in fruit science and became assistant winemaker at Hope Family Farms. In 1996 the family founded Treana Winery, a label devoted to their signature Rhone-influenced blends. Two years later, Austin was making the flagship Treana Red. In 2009 the forty-acre Hope Family Vineyard earned Sustainability in Practice certification through a program that promotes sustainable farming.

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