This section does not include McDonalds, KFC or other well-known fast-food restaurants. Rather we aim to let you know about several franchised restaurants, offering a standard menu and better-than-average service for English-speaking visitors. For first-time visitors, such franchised restaurants with easy-to-see names and an established menu in English are a convenient choice. Some of the major chains are listed below and you will see these names as you walk around major malls and shopping areas.

Super Steak

This is a chain restaurant whose owner wanted to recreate an American steakhouse. He did. And somewhere along the way he added in a Japanese teppan menu and plenty of other Japanese specialities. The food’s good and not too expensive and the ambience is terrific. There is a salad bar and prices are very good value. Super Steak has a reasonable wine list and the cocktails are actually good.

Because the owner wanted to create a family restaurant, he provided lots for the kiddies to do. There are batteries of computers and computer games, always with a young Einstein firmly attached.

If you have a party, hire one of their private rooms. Prices vary with the room. We like to entertain in a spectacular glass walled room with water running down the windows. It’s based on a minimum charge, about Y500. Your friends who don’t know better will be impressed. Your Chinese friends may expect it.

There are two easy-to-find Super Steak restaurants in Coco Park shopping mall and next to Che Gong Miao metro station. The name Super Steak is displayed on signs outside the buildings that have the restaurants.

Address: Coco Park Restaurant, 3rd Floor Coco Park Futian


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