Sights and Attractions in SOFIA

Vitoscha Boulevard, which looks directly onto Vitoscha Mountain; the Freedom Park; the Alexander Newski Memorial Church, which was built at the beginning of this century as a token of gratitude to the Russian; the circular church of the Holy George; the hot springs; the former Royal Palace; the National Museum of History which houses the treasure of Rogosan, a part of the Thrakian gold treasures; the early Christian Basilica of the Holy Sofia.

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I held onto his dorsal fin and he towed me to within fifty metres of Lamorna Cove harbour and then disappeared. unknown to me, crowds of holidaymakers had gathered on the harbour wall and had been watching me being towed in by the dolphin. When I waded out of the sea, some people asked if I had been attacked by a shark. The next day I was invited out for a dive by some guys from Stevenage BSAC who were down in Cornwall on a diving trip. On the return journey in one of their inflatable boats, Donald appeared alongside the boat and followed us all the way back to the harbour where he submerged again. Then, after about 20 minutes, much to the horror of my seven-year-old daughter Diane and her friend, who were playing in the water up to their chests, the dolphin surfaced right between them. The scene was reminiscent of the film Jaws, as everyone began screaming ‘Shark!’ and there was an almighty scramble out of the sea. Of course the guys I had been on the diving trip with were ecstatic and all jumped into the sea. I think the dolphin was in its element too as they all played together around the harbour. They were an unforgettable couple of days.

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