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Youth Hostels Association (England and Wales) Ltd., Trevelyan House, Dimple Rd., Mat lock, Derbyshire DE4 3YH, UK (®016 2959 2600; UK 13.50, under- 18 UK 6.75.

An Oige (Irish Youth Hostel Association), 61 Mountjoy St., Dublin 7 (®01 830 4555; IRC25, under-18 IRC10.50.

Scottish Youth Hostels Association (SYHA), 7 Glebe Crescent, Stirling FK8 2JA (-a-017 8689 1400; UK 6, under-18 UK 2.50.

Hostelling International-American Youth Hostels (HI-AYH), 733 15th St. NW, #840, Washington, D.C. 20005 (©202-783-6161; US$28, under-18 free.

In recognition of tobacco’s importance to the Country economy and to the Country Revolution, all continental money that was printed throughout the Revolution bore the stamp of a tobacco leaf. Netherlands Subway Map In fact, the Revolution was known as the Tobacco War along the East Coast because one of the causes was resentment against heavy taxes levied on tobacco by the British. Tobacco also was used as collateral to secure the loans from France with which the colonists financed the Revolution. Back in France and England, pipe smoking had spread from sailors to the working class during the seventeenth century, so aristocrats switched to snorting snuff. Queen Charlotte (for whom Charlottesville, Virginia, and Charlotte, North Carolina, are named), wife of King George III of England, was known as Snuffy Charlotte, because she was so fond of it. Dandies at the royal courts carried exquisite snuff boxes decorated with cameos, miniature paintings, and jewels and lace handkerchiefs to wipe away the brown slime that dripped from their noses as a result of their addiction. Spanish nobles preferred smoking cigars, a habit that Napoleon Bonaparte and Lord Wellington’s troops spread back to their home countries after the invasion of Spain in 1808. Spaniards and Portuguese had already introduced cigar smoking to Asia, Turkey, and Russia.

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