Spending the Best Holiday Times with the Family in Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful land that has everything nature can offer. People who go on a Cyprus Holiday will enjoy a relaxed and easy going way of life at anytime of the year. The country is rich in both cultural heritage and history. A lot of holidaymakers experience hiking to the Troodos mountains, swimming in the blue water, seeing the Greek and Roma building ruins as well as exploring the forests in Akamas.

The Right Time to Visit Cyprus

While Cyprus is considered as a holiday spot of all times due to its high temperature during the summer and mild weather during the winter, holidays in this island are more famous in the summer time.

The climate in the country is warm with low humidity although people can feel too much sun in July and August with temperature reaching 35C. May, June, September and October are the most popular months to spend a holiday in Cyprus as the temperature stands between 24C and 30C. In any months, the country’s water is warm enough for people to swim.

What to Explore in Cyprus

During a holiday in Cyprus, people can explore a lot of places which include the Southern Troodos range of Forst which is located 2000 meters above sea level. Snow covers this mountain range during the winter making it a great site to check on. Travellers can also visit the green line that cuts through the Cyprus capital of Nicosia.

Cyprus caters every traveller who wants to relax in beaches and enjoy cultural excursions in famous towns such as Limassol and Paphos which will truly give quiet times to couples and families. In Paphos, people will see historical and archaeological treasures everywhere including the Christian catacombs and the Tomb of the Kings. They can also explore mysterious vaults and caves.

Activities to Take Part In

As travellers land their feet in Cyprus, they should be ready to participate in various outdoor activities such as snorkeling, waterskiing, diving, golfing, wind surfing, biking and hiking. A holiday in the country will include beach relaxing and Ayia Napa partying as well as shopping. Those who wish to appreciate culture and taste the best cuisines are surely in the right island. Cyprus is simply the place where the family can enjoy.

During the holiday, travellers can mingle with the friendly and warm locals. Their nature will make them feel at home as they get sweet treatment. Moreover, Cyprus is known for being a wine producer. Thus, holiday goers can have some time visiting the old villages that produce the popular wines and witness the actual work involved in wine making.

Private Holiday Accommodation

Cyprus is home to luxurious hotels; however, staying in a private accommodation provides a lot of benefits. A stay in a villa will provide a family more privacy than a hotel stay. Usually, travellers can enjoy swimming in their own pool without sharing with other holidaymakers.

When people travel to Cyprus with young children, a villa accommodation is their best choice. A lot of kids do not easily adapt to foreign foods and enticing them to consume hotel foods can be stressful and frustrating. While they have the choice to go out and find the best restaurant for everybody’s taste buds, they can also rent a villa where full maid services are offered and enjoy being served with the foods that they all prefer.

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