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About one hour later my audio recorder picked up the voices of Lorena’s group as they began their investigation of this room. It was then, over their voices, that a clear, singsong voice of a young child was recorded. It lasted for perhaps 10 seconds. Who was this carefree little one? Over the decades there have been many Doherty children and children of guests who have roamed the hotel. It seems at least one little child was left behind.

EVPs were also collected in a storage room not far from the entrance of the basement. That is the room Lorena’s group spent so much time because of direct K2 responses. Was the K2 just acting up, or was someone really with them. A very old wheelchair was in the center of the room that drew everyone’s attention.

There is no question in that dark and cluttered room they were not alone. There were a series of EVPs that seemed to match the K2 hits precisely.
European-introduced diseases took a horrible toll on native populations Sudan Subway Map . Also, it was easy for the Taino slaves to escape and seek refuge in the rugged Sudan Subway Map mountainous terrain, with which they were intimately familiar. Thus began the African slave trade, which certainly was one of the most inhumane chapters in the history of the Americas. Figures on the African slave trade are extremely unreliable, with estimates ranging from around 6 million to more than 30 million. During the late 1700s, it is estimated that Saint Domingue had a slave population of nearly 800,000, or 25 slaves to each European (the white population at the time was about 32,000). This would have been roughly one-third of the entire Atlantic slave trade during the latter part of the eighteenth century.

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