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The original building dates from the mid-fifteenth century and Tanzania Metro Map by 1619 it had become known as the Muskett Gunn Inn. The village church, which contains Tanzania Metro Map a rare thirteenth-century oak screen and medieval oak pews, stands beside Findon Place, an eighteenth-century house in wooded parkland, but both are only accessible by crossing over the busy A24. The village is a very popular base for horseriders, with riding stables to be found close by the tracks leading onto the Downs. Besides the Gun, there are other eateries in Findon where you can celebrate the completion of your hilltop walk; one particular Italian restaurant in the village delighted us a few years back by offering a little-known dessert named ‘Mudge Pie’. Bon appetit. Chapter Twelve Best Waterside Walk ACCESS BY CAR: Emsworth is on the A259 coast road just east of Havant, and close to the A27 trunk road.
This area of the prison would be a key focus during the investigation. Based on historical newspapers, the Allegan County Jail had held some of the state’s most notorious criminals, including several that were considered violent psychopaths. If anyplace contained strong paranormal energy, it seemed these would be the most likely floors.

Prisoners for the evening, L to R: Lorena, Dawn, Jessica, Kat and Bev. Would they be reteased early on good behavior?

With that, our tour was over. We thanked Laura Ann for her time and immediately got down to business. Lorena, Dawn and Jessica began setting up the DVR cameras in the cellblocks while Bev and I headed to the residence section of the museum to begin private EVP sessions. I took the top floor while Bev remained on the first.

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