So a few weeks ago. I was invited down to New York City with Ford to check out their brand new Ford hub opening hello New York City guys welcome to the oculus. I’m here for the launch of the sport hub.

And show, you all the cool amazing mobility. And transportation solutions before going to now the Ford hub is located in the oculus which is a Westfield World Trade Center Mall. And, it’s a fun innovative way to learn about how transportation affects us, you.


And New York City being a traveler we know that transportation. And travel kind of go hand in hand we’re the future of transportation is also the future of travel having efficient methods of transportation. And efficient methods of travel will be that buy time be that by money just kind of big deal it kind of makes our lives as travelers a heck of a lot easier application one minute what is my president monson.

So the marbles are meant to represent movement. And freedom as, you can see the fascism levels to it. And they represent different types of transportation.

So whether it be that this little cloverleaf. I waited looking thing up on top we have some of these merge lanes we have a superhighway. And then we have kind of what we do consider more of a street-level.

And then a subway system down at the bottom the different level some first level is our regular driving car the second levels were like a bonus room. So, it’s a chronic vehicle. And then the third level is going to be an electric say me if you’re saving time your energy your help Oh travel bro Wow course.

I am does anybody heard of electric vehicles electric motors okay. So, this is kind of representation of that. So what you’re doing is you’re fighting like this.

And it tells, you when to release. And pedal. And, it’s all about being efficient so.

I went for generous bike braking which is what they use electric vehicles when, you break that energy that you’re actually using goes back into your battery. And it helps, you go a little bit longer so. I just popped up haha wow, it’s kale over 5,000 different type at sports cars all the composites almond salsa.

And their legs out cross pattern people get attached play Little Kids 3 never seems to me like toy cars much life support amazing. I hope you’ve enjoyed experiencing Sports Hub. And being here for the launch.

I think of some really cool opportunities really exciting to see how much port is investing into mobility solution. And how will be moved about cities. And of course, it’s the greatest able to launch it York City, but as, you know the future is still in the future.

And predicting it is still just doing very educated guesswork which is why. I’m curious as to what, you think the future of travel. And transportation will look like.

And. I’m not just talking about flying cars because somehow flying cars seem to be in every science fiction ever, but actual real transportation. And real travels me me or seniority has something in place already be it transit cards or commuter shuttle whatever it is let’s have a little brainstorm down below in the comments.

And predict the future ok bye. ?

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