Hey guys, it’s Nicole what’s up guys, it’s time to do another vlog another voiceover because as, you probably know from the last post my hard drive got corrupted.

And other clips just went missing. So, it’s my turn to fill in the gaps, but today is an exciting post because it was all about exploring an island that even most Filipinos had never heard of. So let’s get into the island of Tablas welcome to the first day of the real Philippines travel series today we’re getting out of Manila.


And. I’m joined here by what’s going on guys. So Jaime is actually a master of negotiations.

And last night it was able to find one of the best price taxis in all of the land he got a 30-minute ride all the way from the airport to the raffles hotel here for only 75 u.s. dollars well don’t do the struggle is real just first time Asian traveler.

And he went to one of the police officers asked him to go where can. I get a taxi. And they pointed him towards apparently someone who’s very corrupt.

And Jaime then proceeded to pay what is like ten times more than he should have, but at his life sometimes we will rebuild hey amazing breakfast, it’s time to go we’re checked in flying with Cebu Pacific today they’re the best airline in the Philippines for doing all your domestic travels really affordable while use the microphone or the camera or everything stopped working here occasionally. I will do voiceovers for people putting myself back in the moment just below us a city of 20 million people sure thing Jaime let me win that for, you alright guys we’ve just landed here in tabla well I’ll tell, you what Christian. I’ve never been to Southeast Asia before, but.

I’m really excited stoked level is about 100 good to hear Jaime wait what we’re getting in that yeah Jaime that’s a tricycle and, this is quia that means big brother oh my thanks I’m so excited. So we actually got inside this tricycle.

And we negotiated something like a thousand pesos to drive us what was roughly two hours about halfway into the ride the skies opened up luckily Kuya pulled over on the side of the road. And he turned us into a waterproof tricycle. I saw they get speakers on the tricycle and.

I asked if it worked he started cranking these really intense electronic beats once, you get to the Philippines you’ll know exactly what. I’m talking about two hours later we had arrived at the resort thank, you very much quia time at where the day Kuya salamat. So Matt oh the goal of this trip is one for today we’re starting off with the salabat yeah we’re today’s week until now yeah tomorrow’s just a rest day Kuya means big brother, it’s an endearing.

And respectful way to address an older man let’s see what 32 u.s. dollars a nice guest yeah, this is the view, you get check that out oh my god amazing hammock right there anyways let’s stay focused, you people whoo, this is awesome when.

I’m trying to find affordable places the number-one thing is it just has to be clean the rest doesn’t matter that much, this is spotless, it’s actually a brand new place for me, this is like the perfect find here in Tablas if you guys want to check it out I’ll even have it link down below, you can book through that. I love sharing really great finds and. I think, this is one of them this will take away all my sorrows about having no audio we got ourselves a couple of scooters.

And a motorbike. And we’re gonna go explore give a recommendation of which way to go go up towards the coastline if you drive farther up you’ve been finding what they’re for all right what do, you think super stoked right beautiful one hundred. And twenty five thirty three absolute power, you said slow duty.

So he actually knows how to race the bike he’s an enduro racer he’s only 17 years old that’s what he does professionally for Team Canada this in itself is worth coming to the island for this incredible road like spans across the entire island. I have not seen another traveler everyone seems to be local here, it’s just like raw adventure raw discovery, this is why. I came here before the battery dies Jamie the last rip of the day on the beach.

I want to go back, it’s game for left. And right as the Sun started to set it was time to head back to the resort. So Jamie and.

I got back on our bikes started ripping through the beautiful force. And just waiting for us back at the resort was this guy right here this as, you probably already know, this is ion the cutest puppy. I think.

I’ve ever seen, you probably fit in Carolina yeah you’re perfect travel companion here’s mommy oh that’s family gold stuff they got rid of her other eight children that’s that we ordered a couple of coconut shakes. And got ready for a beautiful Simpson one of the better sunsets. I’ve had in a long time goes from blue to yellow to pink.

And then, you got the palm trees hey guys it is day two here in Tablas tragedy has struck on one of my cameras. I’m really disappointed turns out the reason the audio cut out yesterday morning was not my microphone which would have been just fine it was actually because of the auxilary input in my camera which is like not easy to repair. I don’t think it could be repaired on this trip unfortunately.

I don’t think there’s any canon repair shops around here. So canon if you’re listening maybe, you should open one up. And tell us what.

I need to do is either film without a microphone on this camera or use my other camera which is not as high-quality, but at least would allow me to capture high quality audio. I’m kind of torn right now, it’s not what. I wanted for this trip but.

We’ll make it work hey Zion hey hey oh my god she’s so cute he’s hugging my hand why is he all wet where were, you were, you swimming in the ocean hey doing like the sunrise. And everything here absolutely did, you see the sunrise yeah light on the water.

And like in fresh pressed coffee yeah are, you hungry today’s mission to find the things that nobody else has seen already okay the entire island let’s do it, but we actually have gotten some guidance from the hotel owner here. And there’s a place called the bamboo forest. So we’re gonna go find that if we can, it’s like.

I don’t know he gave us some very vague description of how to get there nothing here is signed like there’s waterfalls there’s lookouts and, you basically don’t have any signage anywhere. So it makes things interesting it makes things a little fun hopefully, this is the right direction. So, you can get lost look at the back that’s just fish tailing around like sliding through the mud let’s get to the top these pads we’re coming up ours Oh ridiculous we’re just like sliding all over the road.

I’ve gone through like four puddles. And they just blow up my shoes are soaking wet, this is actually amazing 30 minutes of going up that muddy Hill on an almost empty gas tank. And we realized that was not the right direction.

So we headed back down the hill. And we proceeded to ask pretty much every local do, you know where the bamboo forest is to which pretty much everyone responded now they don’t know, but they did try to help that way. So we’re not having any luck finding anything like we saw a sign for a sunflower farm we were looking for the bamboo farm.

And we found neither of them. And everyone we talked to is. So friendly, but the key points against the different directions one person will say that way this way.

And then. I turn left right. And we’ve come up all the way to this Ridge.

And like behind me here, you can see all the way to the ocean, it’s kind of blowing out because it’s so bright, but there’s these beautiful orange flowers everywhere Wow yeah. I don’t know about you, but that’s what.

I call nature. I need is that that’s pretty neat. So a quick stop for gasolina, it’s like $1 us for a Pepsi bottle or a coca-cola bottle worth of gasoline they got it just like this the currency in the Philippines is pesos and, this is a 100 peso bill, it’s the equivalent of like two US dollars do, you know where the bamboo farm is going.

I think we’re just about at the farm but I gotta say this view doesn’t even matter if there’s nothing else for their head, it’s made it all worth it did. I just step in donkey poo.

I might have oh no. I stepped in this pillow. And there’s this donkey just waiting at the end definitely a cowboy.

So we found the legendary bamboo forests was it worth the hype maybe not call me in a century when the bamboo has had a chance to grow a little more. And maybe then it could be a little more interesting, but right now. I’m gonna say that, this is just, you know a little side project for the day, it’s not by any means a reason to travel all the way to tell blast to go see the bamboo forest, but the reason to come to Tablas is the island itself the beauty was spread throughout the island it was seen in the small things from the locals to the sunsets the beautiful uninhabited beaches for me that was enough of a reason.

I didn’t need the bamboo forest, but it was a nice little addition to the day. And we just made some friends well, you live in a beautiful place okay, it’s a single remark magic, this is the Philippines. I mean turn around corners and, you see stuff like that.

And cliffs. And blue water. And and nice people everywhere a beautiful sunset where were, you you were a few steps back.

I killed a small small chicken with my foot. I was going down the road right. And this like tiny little chicken thing just booked it right across the road and.

I had my foot there. And it went like a long hurt. And then

I look back. And there’s a that’s so sad.

I hate even killing flies dude damn and, you have chickens at your house yeah. I do they’re like pets to you. I really hope my mom doesn’t watch this let’s have a moment of silence for this chicken, it’s okay man we all make mistakes.

I’ve never killed anything, but this has been an incredible two days here in Tablas if. I could conclude on who this island is for, this is an island for people who want to get away from everything Jamie and. I have literally not seen another tourist in two days which is insane.

I’ve never had that experience anywhere else before. I have to say that we’ve been able to do it very comfortably staying in the footprints resort which if you want to check it out, it’s linked down below. I definitely recommend them they’re awesome.

I hope, you guys enjoyed today’s post. And if you did make sure to hit the comment button right up here become part of the team get lost family. And be notified when the next post is posted if you guys are planning to come to the Philippines well then you’re all set because.

I’ve made an entire travel post guide for, you it shows, you where to go how to save money how to avoid scams how to pack your bags all the essential information that, you could possibly need click that bubble right here to get the 5 hot tips to the Philippines it’ll get, you ready for your trip. And without further ado let’s get lost again in the next one. ?

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