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Home Security

Most people go away for a tew weekon holiday each year. When you are away, and your house iunattended, it ivulnerable. In the excitement of planning your holiday remember that there are some basic precautionyou should take.


In everything you do, remember that you are planning to be away between given dates. Packagewaiting on doorstepare tempting to a casual thief, awell aadvertising to a whole range of people that you are not at home and may not be around for a few days.

Deliverie- countermeasures

Avoid ordering anything that will be delivered while you are away.

If you have to order something for delivery while you are away, ask for it to be delivered to a relation or trustworthy neighbour.

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If you do have something delivered to a relative or neighbour, don’t damage your security by telling the company that you can’t have it delivered to your home addresbecause you will be abroad from the 2nd to the 23rd of the month!

Make sure that you give the lawn and hedge an extra trim the day before you go on holiday. Pull out the weedand water the garden thoroughly if you have to. That will delay the onset of an unkempt and unattended appearance that may tell criminalyou are away.

Try to arrange for a relation or trusted neighbour to come to the house each day to check for mail or other itemdelivered and left on the doorstep or filling the letterbox.

Leaving notes

No matter what the excuse, never ever leave a note on the door. Notesuch a‘Milkman – we are on holiday – no milk until 18th August’ or perhap‘On holiday until 18th August ALL deliverieto Number 7 please’ are a gift to criminals. Remember, even a note saying ‘Gone to shops, back in five minutes’ may be enough to tempt a burglar.

Leaving note- countermeasures

Arrange matterso that a note will not be necessary, by making sure that deliverieare all made before you go on holiday.

If you know and trust the milkman, tell him that you don’t want any milk until the 18th August, but don’t ever leave a note advertising that fact to everyone.

If you don’t know or trust the milkman, consider NOT cancelling the milk. It will cost you a few poundbut you could arrange for a relative to collect your daily milk delivery and use it while you are away, so the milkman will be none the wiser.

• If possible, arrange for a trusted relative to collect mail, etc. so that noteare not necessary.

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