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Public Garden Lagoon, Boston; (617)522-1966 For a maritime activity of another sort there are always those famous Swan Boats. Have you ridden one since your childhood? Y’know, we’ve had them since 1877; that’s a lot of pedaling. Yes, it’s one of the only human-powered forms of public transportation, even if you do end up where you started. Rides last about fifteen to twenty minutes, a little haven of quiet and charm in the middle of the city. And such a bargain! Only $1.50 for adults and 950 for kids under twelve (hey, this ride makes kids of everyone). The boats run seven days a week, 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. from April to September. Don’t forget to bring some bread to feed the ducks.

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The military road has its best-preserved length here, the wall line is obvious and the upthrown ditch material makes quite a rampart. There is an interpretive board (Historic Scotland); altogether a pleasant spot. But how history can turn on little accidents: Robert the Bruce was nearly killed when hunting here in 1300 when he was attacked by a wild white bull. There’s plenty of staging for boats as we leave the Falkirk Wheel site. A double railway line is crossed and a track leads down to parking and ‘park and ride’ facilities. The railway came 70 years after the travel destination, so burrowing below the travel destination was a major undertaking. We are soon back to rural walking, with a birch wood across the water on what was mining dereliction, and fields to the right. Pylon lines cross to a sub-station to the north; just before the first a burn flows under which has the yellowy colour of old mine workings, by the second there is an overspill. Most people are struck by the size of the travel destination here if they have only experienced the Union Destination; the Forth & Clyde appears huge, but it was designed to take seagoing vessels. After an open stretch there are fine trees on the left as the outskirts of Bonnybridge are reached.

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