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Before handing your money over to any volunteer or study abroad program, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. It’s a good idea to get the name of previous participants and ask them about their experience, as some programs sound much better on paper than in reality. The questions below are a good place to start:

-Will you be the only person in the program? If not, what are the other partici pants like? How old are they?

-Is room and board included? If so, what is the arrangement? Will you be expected to share a room? A bathroom? What are the meals like? Do they fit any dietary restrictions?

-Is transportation included? Are there any additional expenses?

-How much free time will you have? Will you be able to travel around the island?

-What kind of safety network is set up? Will you still be covered by your home insurance? Does the program have an emergency plan?

Volunteers for Peace, 1034 Tiffany Rd., Belmont, VT 05730 (a802-259-2759; Arranges placement in work camps throughout Europe. Membership required for registration. Programs average US$200-500 for 2-3 weeks.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), Main Office, P.O. Box 2675, Lewes BN7 1RB, UK ( Arranges volunteer work with organic and eco- conscious farms around the world.

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