Walking And Climbing Around Snowdon

Whether you love climbing, walking, or even mountain biking, Snowdonia is one of the best locations for your outdoor activities. The range is especially suited to outdoor activities because it not only offers some of the most challenging routes and climbs, but it also has a fine selection of simpler and less challenging ascents and descents, providing those of every skill level with somewhere to start or something to really challenge them.

If you are new climbing, then heading out without instruction is not only dangerous to you, but could put the lives of others in danger too. It is vital that you have some instruction before you attempt to take on any of the challenges that Snowdonia has to offer. Fortunately, as well as the mountains themselves, there are a number of climbing centres and tutors that can help you to develop the skills that you need in order to be able to improve enough to take on the challenges of the mountain.

The Beacon Climbing Centre is located in Caernarfon and is geared solely towards climbing. It has a large selection of different climbing walls and climbing challenges, including those for absolute beginners as well as one that is best compared to shinning up a drainpipe. Not only does an indoor climbing centre offer you a chance to practice your climbing before taking on potentially dangerous routes, but it also means that you can climb at any time of year, no matter what the weather is like and regardless of who is with you.

Mountain walking is very different to walking around towns, and it can offer more of a challenge than hiking and hill walking too. As well as a potentially steep ascent, you may have to take on a variety of different terrains, including rough rubble type surfaces, and even gaps between the areas that you are passing. Although not strictly necessary, having climbing skills and gear, can make some passes easier, while receiving training in mountain skills will, at the very least, help you to identify the routes that are achievable and those that you should walk away from.

If you want to see some of the incredible natural beauty that Snowdon has to offer, but would rather not do the walking yourself, then you can hack out on horseback across the fields and up the hills. Snowdonia Riding Stables offer leader guided treks across the hills, allowing you to enjoy the thrills of horseback riding, as well as the incredible unmatched beauty of Snowdonia. You can even take to horseback for the first time, or you can embark on a more challenging ride if you are experienced in the saddle.

Snowdon offers some of the most picturesque scenery, the most rugged natural backdrops, and incredible opportunities for you to get out and about, and really enjoy the countryside of North Wales. If you are looking to climb, walk, mountain bike, or ride your way through the hills, then Oakfield Caravan Park offers the features and amenities, as well as comfortable caravan accommodation, all within a short distance of all the activities that Snowdon has to offer. Visit OakfieldCaravanPark.com for more information, or to book your holiday today.

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