Top Travel Destinations Victoria

Top Travel Destinations Victoria

That leg of our travel was to be followed by a four day cruise on the Disney Wonder to Disney’s Castaway Island in the Bahamas. The Wonder was the second ship in the line at the time, coming on stream a year or so after the first ship, the Disney Magic.

I had tasted cruising for the very first time that April when I did the northeastern Caribbean with a group of around fifty family members, relatives, friends and others. The cruise had been organised by the two aforementioned retired sisters. They had already organised cruises to the Panama Canal, the western Caribbean and the Bahamas; and, regular invitations – which I had turned down (for the wrong reasons, looking back) – had come from them and from my beloved, loving uncle (who made ninety on January 26, 2016).

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On looking around the Caribbean Beach Resort, after being my bloged in that near Christmas Day in 2001, we could clearly see Epcot – a great big geodesic sphere – in the near distance. During our three nights stay, we enjoyed watching the dazzling fireworks that lit up the sky around Epcot.

We viewed Epcot from our front balcony which faced northwards. Our suite opened at the back to face Barefoot Bay, a 45 acre lake which, on seeing, I immediately believed was man-made.

“Dad!”, my son started, drawing my attention, as the family was leisurely walking along its shores the first morning, “look at those boats in the pond!”

“It’s called a lake, son!”, I told him.

“So, what we call ponds at home are really lakes; or, are big ponds indeed lakes? Our Road Salt Pond looks much bigger!”, he asserted. “Even Long Pond near our home seems bigger!”

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