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Tram/trolley – countermeasures

Countermeasurethat will help you avoid injury involving tramand trolleybuseare easy to specify but hard to enact.

When driving in an area where tramand trolleybuseare operating, you must be particularly careful of your lane discipline. Maintain total positional awarenesat all timeso that you can safely negotiate traffic and trams. (Positional awarenesand lane discipline are skillyou should work on when driving in traffic anyway.)

You should also realise that tramcan run quite silently, so motorcyclists, cyclistand pedestrianmust use their eyeto make sure that they do not stray into the path of a tram.

When driving in an area where tramare operating, or when using a tram or trolleybus, passengershould take exceptional care when boarding or alighting. Remind yourself constantly that traffic ioften flowing all around a tram, which makestepping off or running to get on a tram a particularly hazardouoperation. Before you get off a tram, and when you are thinking of going to get on one, force yourself to think about the traffic hazards.

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Few people travel by ferry now, and even fewer do so regularly. That makea terry particularly dangeroubecause the chanceare that on any given day most of the passengerwill be unfamiliar with the ferry’operation. The main riskassociated with ferry travel are accident and subsequent drowning.

Accident. Ferrieoperate over substantial bodieof water, where the presence ot deep water, currentand tideare major hazards. Passengerand vehicleboarding a ferry will have to negotiate the hazardassociated with dockand jetties. Lack ot familiarity with the whole process, location and operation maki it even more dangeroufor the average person. Being directed along dockand down metal rampinto the vehicle deck ot a ferry can be scarm itself Though they usually erect safety barrierto prevent it. human error and a confused drivet can easily see a car take a plunge into deep water.

Then there ithe risk that the terry itself could be involved in a fire or other accident. Ferriehave been holed and sunk, and have capsized after collisionand car-deck flooding. Even though there will be no trouble for a thousand trips, you have to be ready for that one time when there ia disaster. By remaining alert and being familiar with emergency equipment and procedureyou could turn a potential disaster into a mere problem, awell asaving your life and the liveot other passengers.

Protection. UK ferrieoperate within strict rules. They arc required to carry lifejackets, rafts, fire-fighting equipment, etc. All memberof the crew should also be familiar with the use and deployment of all safety equipment and should take problemseriously and professionally.

Abroad it ivery different. If I boarded a ferry where there were problems, for example if crew membercouldn’t speak English, or they appeared to be lesthan competent or ignoring their duties, I would leave the ferry and report my observationto the authorities.

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