Travel Advice And Advisories For Nepal

In remote areaa minimum of two vehicleiadvised. If one vehicle breakdown, the other can go for help, or if one getstuck the other can winch it out.

Make sure you carry plenty of food and more water than you think you will ever need.

Aim to take a radio, signal mirrors, smoke flareand shelter. At night in desert climateit getvery, very cold, so you will need warm clothing, a tent, warm food and materialto make a little campfire (which may be used to attract the attention of rescuerawell).

In any vehicle, if there ia seatbelt wear it, and make sure that children are strapped in too.

Thiionly one tenth of the preparation you need to make before you venture into a wildernesarea alone. I guarantee that you are not prepared so DON’T DO IT.

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Don’t hire, accept lifton or drive a motorbike when abroad. It ione of the most dangerouformof holiday transport.

If you absolutely must travel on a motorbike, scooter or moped, ONLY do so if you can be supplied with a decent crash helmet, goggleand protective clothes. Whizzing along in shortand a tee-shirt may be cool, but after skidding down a gravel road, leaving several poundof flesh embedded in the road surface, you will wish that you had changed your mind.

Avoid bicyclein most placetoo. They are almost adangerous, but you probably won’t have the option of the crash helmet and protective clothes.

Even when walking, remember to look out for traffic coming from any direction. Think safety, be defensive

Never under any circumstances, go out on the road after you have been drinking and certainly don’t mix alcohol and drugof any kind.

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