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On this week’s We Hear, let’s make life a little easier when you fly. Summer is well underway, finally. And that means that leisure travel is at its peak from now until late August. What that also means is that the airport experience is going to be sheer madness for the foreseeable future. The good news, regardless of the situation, there’s an app for it. Let’s start with the planning phase of your trip. We like the free app Hipmunk to help search and purchase your tickets. The app returns results in a handy table that lays out the complete picture so that you can plan better.

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Select your cities of departure and arrival, and you’ll get a whole set of results that shows you the lowest price compared with the time of day you’ll depart, as well as the length of your layover, if you have one. So, no fancy math in your head while you’re planning your trip. You can scroll through the tab and see how long your day will be and make your selections. For those of you who happen to love last minute weekend trips that take advantage of special deals, Hipmunk’s deals tab on their site returns a whole list of specials on one page so you can just browse and choose without having to preset your destination. Another feature we love on Hipmunk’s site is their accommodations search. Which includes hotels as well as AirBnB options. And you can use their ecstasy to sort through returned results, which helps you find hotels with the perfect mix of lowest prices, highest ratings, and best reviews. Head to their site on your laptop if you also want to specify a landmark you’d like to stay near, so you won’t end up miles away from your desired neighborhood or sightseeing destination. After you’ve planned that trip and booked your flights, the only thing left to do is to head to the airport. But, those monstrous TSA lines could kill your vacation buzz right off the bat.

Plan ahead with the smartphone app GateGuru, which helps you navigate the airport before you leave your house. Sign up for an account and enter your flight info and get real time updates on everything from security wait times, flight delays, gate changes, and more. You can also find airport maps and tips on navigating an unfamiliar.

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