Traveling in Amsterdam

Traveling in Amsterdam


Smart shops, which peddle a variety of herbal enhancers and hallucinogens that walk the line between soft and hard drugs are also legal. Magic mushrooms start to work thirty minutes to an hour after consumption and act on your system for four to eight hours. Different types give different highs: Mexican and Thai mushrooms are generally used by beginners; they are the least potent and give a laughing, colorful, and speedy high with some visual hallucination. Philosophers’ stones (which have an Xstasy-like effect) and Hawaiians (which give an intensely visual trip similar to LSD) are significantly more intense, and should be taken only by experienced users. In certain cases, intake may cause you to panic or have a faster heartbeat. Never look for mushrooms in the wild and never buy from a street dealer; it’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between poisonous mushrooms and hallucinogenic mushrooms. Don’t mix hallucinogens such as shrooms with alcohol; if you have a bad trip, call 122 to go to the hospital or ask someone for help you won’t be arrested, and they’ve seen it all before.


Don’t smoke at shops right at Centraal Station. The following is a list of well-regarded establishments:

@ Barney’s Coffeeshop, Haarlemmerstr. 102. Get a greasy breakfast with your big fat joint. Three-time best marijuana strain” winner at the Cannabis Cup. Open daily 7am-7pm.


Ei Abraxas, J. Roelensteeg 12-14. Amsterdam’s most beautiful coffeeshop. Casual, sophisticated, no-pressure atmosphere. Open daily lOam-lam.

Ei Grey Area, Oude Leliestr. 2. Where coffeeshop owners go for the best. One of the only owner-operated spots left in the city. The Yankee expat behind the counter will be happy to lend you one of the coffeeshop’s bongs. Open Su and Tu-Sa noon-8pm.

The Dolphins, Kerkstr. 39. Enter the beautiful world of coral reefer madness at this ocean-themed coffeeshop. Open M-Th and Su lOam-lam, F-Sa 10am-3pm.

Yo Yo, 2e van der Heijdenstr. 79. So warm it makes smoking nearly wholesome. Famous apple pie, good coffee, and of course, great smokeables. Open daily noon-7pm.

Bluebird, Sint Antoniesbreestr. 71. Fun spot with a vast menu that includes samples of weed and hash for inspection. Open daily 9:30am-lam.

Paradox, le Bloemdwarsstr. 2. The owners match the feel of this place: Colorful, free-spirited, and ready to have a good time. Weed, hash, and awesome veggie burgers (‚3.50). Kitchen closes at 3pm. Coffeeshop open daily 10am-8pm.

La Tertulia, Prinsengrt. 312. Leafy plants everywhere make for a relaxing time. Smoker’s Guide praises the special Hawaiian haze. Open Tu-Sa llam-7pm.

Hill Street Blues, Warmoesstr. 52. Don’t let the loud rock music blaring into the street drive you away; it’s all about leisurely comfort inside. If you don’t want to smoke, the bar serves cheap beer (‚2.50). Open M-Th and Su 9am-lam, F-Sa 9am-3am.

Dampkring, Handboogstr. 29. Deep blue, chill subterranean space with experienced, but unpretentious patrons. Open M-Th lOam-lam, F-Sa 10am-2am, Su llam-lam.

Conscious Dreams Kokopelli, Warmoesstr. 12 (421 70 00). This smart shop is perhaps the best place in Amsterdam to begin with psychedelic experimentation. A staff with background in neurobiology and botany gives great information. Open daily llam-lOpm.

The Magic Mushroom, Spuistr. 249. At this museum of a smartshop, procure all the mushrooms, herbal Xstasy, and energy and smart drinks you’ve ever dreamed existed. Open M-Th and Su llam-lOpm, F-Sa lOam-lOpm.

The Essential Seeds Company Art and Smart Shop, Hekelveld 2. Run by knowledgeable Amsterdam natives with 7 varieties of shrooms and specialties like shroom chocolate bars. Open M-W and Su 9am-7pm, Th-Sa 9am-9pm. MCV.

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