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The great number of festivities that take place all over the area in combination with the existence of many Byzantine churches prove the profound religious feeling of the inhabitants but also give an idea of the importance of Orthodoxy in the region.

The fests and the miraculous icons of the saints give always reason to organize individual but also group visits to many places, where the visitor can feel devoutness; the Byzantine spirit and atmosphere explicitly reign in the churches of the region of Thrace and Eastern Macedonia. In the Church of “Koimisi of Theotokos” in Samothraki, there are kept the corps of five Martyrs inhabitants of the island; the house of one of the Martyrs was turned into a church.

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The Byzantine church of “Panagia Kosmosotira” in Feres was founded in the year of Isaak Komninos 11151/2, who was the third son of Alexios the A’, and represents the global religious symbol of the people of Thrace all over the world and of course it is the protector saint of the region of Thrace.

Northwards, at the distance of 1 kilometer away of the village Kornofolia (journey Alexandroupoli- Soufli) there is a female monastery, dependent of the monastery of Ivira at Mount Athos. every year a pilgrimage takes place at the said monastery.

At the sixteenth kilometer between Alexandroupoli and Nea Orestiada there are the remains of the Ancient city of Traianoupoli, there is a testimony about the torture of Sainte Glyceria (161 A.D.).

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