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We should mention that the visitors that are interested in making a tour to the wetlands of Thrace and especially in visiting the coastal zone of the deltas of Evros, Nestos and Strimonas rivers, should get informed by the local information centers about the existing net of communication and the paths that are not considered to be part of the road net (that some times are a bit complex to find), the quality of which differs from season to season (especially during winter time).

The fauna around the zone of the river Nestos, which descends from Bulgaria, comprises otters (of the gender lutra lutra) roa deer, but also other kinds of animals that live in the region such as wolves, foxes, wild cats, pigs etc. The species of fish that breed in the lakes present also an interesting variety such as mullets, barbells, and floating trout.

The forests and the morphology of the mountainous Rodopi represent one of the few wildlife shelters. It is one of the two protected habitats for bears that are left in Greece; few bears do live there and special programs were created in order to protect them. In the area the Organization “Arktouros” (NGO) develops programs of action (many journeys are proposed in the previous chapters).

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The fact that contributes to the great natural wealth of the zone is the delta of the rivers Evros, Nestos and Strimonas. Especially the delta of the river Nestos, which is located at the Greek and Turkish frontiers (journey Alexandroupoli-Feres), is considered to be one of the most important in Europe. More than 200.000 birds live there during wintertime. In the wetland of Evros, there have been monitored 314 different species of birds and among them we can find some very rare species like the small goose and the eagle of the gender Haliaetus albicilla etc. This area that is composed by channels, small lakes, islands and bays, the river meets the sea and there do live many wild animals, insects and fish.

Guided tours are proposed through out the year and are of an approximate duration of three hours-a boat touring is also proposed of a duration of one hour, (for further information contact +30 (0) 5550 24 310 or contact the municipality of Feres +30 (0) 5550 22 211.) In the city of Traianoupolis

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