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The participation of the believers to local fairs organized by local monasteries and churches in order to honour a saint, apart form the deep religious spirit preserves the Byzantine colourful atmosphere of the area, which for centuries constituted the geographical as well as cultural surrounding of Constantinople inhabitants.

Four out of the five regions of the department of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace are covered southwards by the Aegean Sea. Endless miles of coast with a really rich and spectacular scenery either isolated from the masses of tourists or by offering luxurious and modern services and facilities (i.e. hotel complexes and camping facilities) represent an ideal place for the tourists, during summer holidays. The reduced levels of industrial development preserve the crystalline waters of the coastal zone from pollution; thus every year dozens of blue flags are attributed to the coasts of our region proving the intact nature.

The coasts of the region are ideal for practicing any possible water sports activity (i.e. wind surfing etc), fishing, underwater fishing, etc. They are also perfect for any person that would like to participate to local feasts, such as the sardine festival, experiencing the unique panorama of the Aegean Sea.

Both the islands of Samothraki and Thasos constitute a treasure for the region. The island of Samothraki is unique because of the wild beauty of its almost harsh scenery, which is surrounded by beaches with vast vegetation and especially sycamores, at the delta of the torrents (it is possible to reach the area by boat or flying dauphin, from Alexandroupoli. Telephone number of the local coast guard for further information: +30 (0) 5510 26 468 or +30 (0) 5510 28 734). The bottom of the sea around the island has an intense underwater life and presents an exceptional beauty. A protected wetland has already been created, where important quantities of fish are reproduced and enrich the entire coastal zone (Telephone number of the local municipal organized camping: +30 (0) 5510 98 291).

In the mainland the region of Evros, as well as the beaches which located in front of the island of Samothraki, the zone from Alexandroupoli to the village Makri, all of them constitute an attracting point for the amateurs of the sea but also constitute a place where someone can surely find and taste fresh fish, at the local tavernas. Another advantage of the region is the organized beach of Agia Paraskevi.

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Westwards the scenery alters and the mountain ends up to the sea creating beautiful natural landscapes up to the area of Maroneia. The visitor can find in the zone important tourist complexes with modern facilities and exclusive view, mostly during the sunset.

Fanari is one of the most developed tourist coastal areas in the region, it hosts every year thousands of visitors and tourists in the local hotels, rooms or EOT’s (Greek Tourist Organization) camping (for further information contact: +30 (0) 5350 31217 or +30 (0) 5350 31270).

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