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TOURISM AND SEA The westwards journey is interrupted at the Entrance of Mount Athos over the picturesque church of Saint Nicolas on the small island, located in the middle of the lake of Porto Lagos, where you can find fresh fish and many fisheries for centuries now.

At the southern part of the region of Xanthi, the beaches of Mandra, Avdira (Telephone number of the local municipal service: +30 (0) 541051480), Myrodato, Maggano, Erasmeioetc complete the list of the clean and beautiful beaches of Thrace.

At the coasts of Eastern Macedonia and especially at the beaches of Kavala (such as the beach of Kalamitsa, Batis, Toska. Palio. Perigiali etc), nearby the city of Kavala, the visitor can enjoy a meal with fresh sea food and fish at the tavernas, or have a coffee near the sea at the local coffee shops or enjoy a variety of sea activities.

Nea Herakleitsa is a wonderful and developed area with hotels and protected beaches. The visitor can explore the sea caves in the area of Kokkina. Fidonisi or Panagia. by boat. Other beaches such as the coasts of Nea Peramos. Ofrynio, Sarakina, Folea. Elaiochori. Almura. Karuani etc have also beautiful and clean waters in the zone. Nea Peramos due to its natural beauties and the comfort that offers is one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

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More than any other place in the entire department, the spectacular island of Thassos, with its wonderful pine forests, the olive forests, the well known beaches and the small mountainous villages that serve local traditional meals (mostly a special traditional meal prepared with goat), attracts every year a great number of tourists and visitors as well, mostly from abroad.

The largest number of animal and plant species all over the Greek territory, can be found in the rich fauna and flora that composes the vegetation and the wildlife in the areas of Thrace and Eastern Macedonia. The variety of microclimates and the range of altitude that reaches almost 2000 meters at the peaks of the mountains of central Rodopi, Falakron and Menoikion influence in a positive way the growth of many birds, animals, and trees. Many regions are classified as protected by international Treaties (Ramsar, Natura2000, Directive 92/43 etc), which means that the said protected regions are of great importance.

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