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Vistonis Lake WETLANDS there is the delta of Evros information center, and there occurs a permanent exhibition.

Access to the delta of Evros is possible from the part of the region of Xanthi (Xanthi-Dasochori-radio station, municipality of Xrysoupoli telephone numbers +30 (0) 591022210) but also from the region of Kavala (Kavala-Xrysoupoli-Keramoti, contact the Delta of Nestos Information Center, telephone number: +30(0) 5910 51 831 or the municipality of Keramoti +30(0) 51 209).

Access to the Strimonas delta is a bit easier because of the existing national road Alexandroupoli-Thessaloniki that crosses over its eastern, northern and western part.

Apart from the important deltas or the rivers of Thrace and Eastern Macedonia the lake Vistonida (surface area of 45 Klm2) combines the beautiful aesthetics of the landscape with the rare species that are either migratory or endemic there. 264 species of birds were classified among them the Dalmatian pelican, the white pelican, the heron, the stork and the ibis (family Threskiornthidae). 21 different species offish were also found to live in the lake 16 of them coming into the lake from the sea. According to mythology Hercules completed his 8th work in the zone, according to the myth he trapped Diomede’s carnivorous Horses (journey Komotini-Vistonida or Xanthi-Vistonida, for further information contact the Information center of the Lake Vistonida +30(0) 5410 096646 or the municipality of Avdira +30 (0) 5410 51 259).

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The Dasia Forest (journey Alexandroupoli-Adranio) is one of the few remaining shelters for rare predatory birds in Europe (vultures, eagle of the gender Heliaca, eagle of the gender Pomarina etc). From the observatory the visitor can watch the raptures when they eat their prey in special areas. Nearby the forest exists the Eco-touristic Center of the Habitat of Dasia with a hotel (capacity: 60 persons) a bar and an information center (contact number: +30 (0) 5540 32 263 and +30 (0) 5540 32 209). On the return to Alexandroupoli and only some kilometers away from Dasia, the visitor can see the Tycheros Lake, where there is an agro-tourist inn, and someone can enjoy the beautiful view, can practice horse riding and other sports activities.

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