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Samothraki, Oracle of the Great Gods +30 (0) 5410 51783) where an important number of archaeological findings are exhibited.

The archaeological museum of Drama, (for further information contact: +30 (0) 5210 31 365) which comprises three rooms with exhibits, offers to the visitors the chance to see all the range of the human evolution in the area form the pre-historic Era. The representation of a Neolithic inhabitance exposing all the household utensils that people were using during the said period is of exceptional interest.

In the region of Kavala the visitor can see the remains of the first Christian city in Europe, the city of Phillipoi. This is the point where the famous battle between Antonio, Brutus and Casious was held in the year 42 B.C.; the visitor can admire monuments from totally different historic periods. The ancient theatre, parts of the Egnatia Road, Walls, the Agora, palaio-Christian churches and the prison of Apostle Paul can be visited. The museum of the city is very interesting too (for further information contact: +30 (0) 510 51 62 51).

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A very important monument in the city of Kavala is the very well preserved and spectacular- because of its dimensions – Roman Aqueduct. In the museum of Kavala (for further information contact: +30 (0) 510 222 335) very important findings are exposed from the excavations in the area though in the museum of Amphipolis (for further information contact: +30 (0) 3220 32 474) which is located

in the archaeological site of Amphipolis, the visitor can see finding from the pre-historic to the Byzantine period.

At the island of Thassos there is a very well known ancient Theater, the Walls, the Oracle and the Ancient Port. In the Archaeological museum of Thassos (for further information contact: +30 (0) 5930 22180) a statue of Korus is exhibited as well as a head of Dionysus etc. The ancient theaters of Thassos of Philippoi, but also of Maroneia are an important center of cultural activity mostly during summer time.

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