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The visitor in the area of Thrace and Eastern Macedonia will find it very difficult to choose a special journey and visit the archeological sites because there are many, of many and different historic but also pre-historic periods and we can find them all over the region.

The oracle of the Major Deities in Samothaki in the village of Palaiopolis (where were held the famous “Kabeiria Mystiria”) is very attractive to thousands of passengers every year. At the nearby museum (contact number: +30 (0) 5510 41 474) precious findings are exposed from the area and a replica of the famous statue of Nike of Samothraki, the original statue being exposed in the Louver museum in France. At the coasts of the regions of Evros and Rodopi there are two beautiful caves, one in Makri and another in Maronia, and people living there say that these are the caves where the Cyclopes lived once. Mesimbria a village existing since the ancient Greek period (or else called Zoni according to newest estimations) at the coasts of Evros (journey Alexandroupoli – Makri – Dikella) as well as Maroneia (journey Komotini-Xylagani) westwards in the region of Rodopi remind of the ancient colonization and the flourishing period of the Greek civilization. Especially in the case of the village Maroneia, which has been inhabited for thousands of years, the visitor can find monuments from Ancient Greece, from the period of the Roman Empire, and the first Christian years; traces of the Byzantine and Ottoman periods can also be found (for further information contact the municipality

of Maroneia: +30 (0) 5330 22 210 and +30(0) 5330 22 970).

The pre-historic built-up area of Paradimi in the plain and on the mount Papikio (journey Komotini-Sostis- mountainous Rodopi) forerunner of the Mount Athos on the mountainous Rodopi, are two very interesting destinations for every visitor in the area. The archeological Museum of Komotini (for further information contact: +30 (0) 5310 22 411) is considered to be one of the most worthy in the region not only for the number of exhibits but also for the archaeological importance of the findings, among them we can find a golden bust which is considered to be of the Emperor Septimus Sevirus (193-211 A.D.).

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The geopolitical importance of the region in comparison with the city of Constantinople, is easily understood, if we take into consideration the number of castles in the region of Thrace (Pytheio, Avantas, Didymoteicho, Gratini etc.) as well as the names of the cities that are taken out from the names of important emperors like the cities of Alexandroupolis (Alexander the Great) Traianoupolis (Traianos) Maximianoupoli (Maximilian) and so on.

At the coastal zone of the region of Xanthi there was built the Ancient Greek city of Avdira (according to the mythology by Hercules), the city of birth of Dimocritus and Protagoras. In the area we can see the Byzantine district of the city, which is known by the name of Polystylo. There is also a very nice museum in Avrdira (for further information contact: +30 (0) 5410 5100 3 and

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