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Hey everybody, and welcome to Southern Africa for the next five weeks we’re going to be working with animals we’re currently in Zimbabwe walking the lines just to my left, and this is the 360 post. So you can look left right up, and down, and I hope you enjoy it well if you don’t like snakes look away don’t I it’s fine these are good I want your history stuff buddy Wow listen yeah with five months year old China cobalt, and is one gist here if you look to serve as a number one, and there’s another one just over there as well we. So not like they follow them all is a really good position I know five fish in front of me is a serval cat this is a fully grown male as you can see its got like stripes, and spots as well alrighty we’ve just arrived at a community school right here in a Township outside of Cape Town very good it’s how many shows like Pinot alrighty I hope you guys enjoyed this 360 post we just ending this year in Zimbabwe Oh whispered elephant now if enjoyed this 360 post make sure you share it with your friends, and comment for more posts see you guys next time.

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Volunteering in a South African Township

Hey guys we a comment like in cake time looking after these little cuties. So we’re here in Cape Town with Joe eco at the community involvement project. So we’ve pretty much come down to a Township settlement, and there’s a little school here for a population about 5,000 locals currently play time.

So the schools that we’re working at here are nonprofit organizations where they bring volunteers in hoping to get enough help, and support, and money that they can turn these schools into public schools which means then the government can help out as well. So for a lot of kids at this Township this is like a safe haven heaven for them. Because they come here there’s something to do it’s educational it’s fun. Because with the donations, and all the volunteer says they also get two meals a days they get to be fed as well. So there’s a lot of positivity at this little school year when you get come, and volunteer at the school you look after infants right up to six years old, and teach them English life skills every single day as well as this go out at the moment is an MPO run school which means they pretty much rely on funding, and volunteers coming here to be run this is one of the classrooms as you can see they have like a lot of activities to all the kids a lot of this was donated some of the games, and got like lots of pencils, and just everything. So the teachers have resources to do their work I totally remember having one of these, and that’s when I was young, and playing cards on them the year at the school their own fresh garden of spinach they grow it for the community or sit for the children. Because it’s you know full of vitamins that they need, and they can also sell it to these settlements as well for like very cheap prices a lot of the people that live here are unfortunately on poverty line.

So at least this is a way they can get some fresh veggies where is it is it really high the kids are loving the dryer all chasing the drone, and the kids are going nuts just chasing it guys it is so incredible being able to come here through this community, and hang out with these kids for the day I really wish we could stay longer it’s just it’s just been such an awesome day Hey everybody, and welcome to Cape Town South Africa more specifically muizenberg we are currently going on a bit of a sightseeing tour around Cape Town we’re going to go, and see some places we’re gonna see a few places we have been before our web bar we have the 360 camera. So we’re like in a while take down such a beautiful city we’re happy to go, and greasy at all, and we’ve actually never been to Rosenberg. So this is already a bonus for us. But first of all we need to start the morning yes I need to know if that’s the best croissant in the hood did you see my face, and I opened it listen if you were reading us checking out some penguins, and they’re very cute if you guys didn’t know any. So we do sorry if you guys didn’t know Africa has its own penguin he was TV allow. So we currently had a bit of a road trip today II try to see as much of cake time as we can.

Because we’d only have a short amount of time here. So we’ve decided to go on a big long drive along the coast, and stop off at all you know the major attractions. So we’ve just been a boulders beach checking out the Penguins we’re now in the Cape of Good Hope, and this is the most wet what is it the most south where southwesterly spot of Africa is there is it, and it is such a beautiful National Park here I’d recommend anyone checking it out we’re now going on like a hike up to the top where there is a lighthouse a little bit of a view. But I love Cape Town so much made it to the top there’s a lighthouse actually come to the lighthouse last time, and there’s like went down there, and that’s not the right way it’s so beautiful way look at this view it’s operating, I’m parched Oh guys this little goy peeves with us how cute is he, and now there’s a couple of dogs here that live with the volunteers, and look at that yeah oh I love even a little bitty scrap. So once we’re you the volunteer house they all have a bribe which is like a South African barbecue, and tonight is the night that that happens. So we’re gonna go out now get together have like a cut a little bonfire, and have some barbecue Oh brah how did you inspecting the corn on the cob guys that dinner was so amazing last night, and we realized we were like chatting to everyone, and it was so late that we just fell asleep without any of the posts that it was like the next day the comment of the day is from Sam who said do you speak Afrikaans Steven Afrikaans is like one of the local many local languages in South Africa, and unfortunately I moved to Australia before I’d learnt it. So I can say like a few words mostly the naughty words I won’t say them on here. But yeah my parents can speak it. Because of course they grew up in South Africa I hope you guys enjoyed the projects, and the side scenes today we tried to like mix it up together. So you can get a bit of both we’ll be leaving link to all the volunteer projects in the description below. So if you wanted to come volunteer here if you wanted like any information you can go read up all about it we’re also gonna put a blog post on our website with like our thoughts, and what you get up to on a daily basis things we missed on the post. So I hope you guys enjoyed the volunteer project let us know if you did we’ve got a whole different bunch of them coming.

So I hope you stick around if you new around here please hit comment thank you miss a thumbs up we’ll see you guys next time bye.

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