We’re ready you got me what you doing live tolerated hello chair the welcome to Johannesburg South Africa ooh pretty much how long fine yeah now most of it uh-huh had a really really bad landing Gloria just a little I like feel like I want to kiss the ground now that’s not that. But this is this is interesting.


Because, I’m from Johannesburg, and I haven’t been back here in 15 years. So, I’m just seeing little things. But yeah we’re just gonna go collect our luggage, and pretty much what we’re doing for the next week is we’re teaming up with a volunteer company called volunteer southern Africa, and we’re gonna be doing that big cats program, I’ll put a description a link in the description below, and we pretty much gonna be yeah volunteen for the next week. So we’re gonna show you guys as lions, and elephants, and giraffes, and a lot of cool animals. But um yeah we’re just gonna go grab our bags, and then we’ve got a driver that’s hi sorry it took. So long good yo Jess hi we just got into our Land Rover drivers to come dig yourself he is so nice, I’m so excited.

So I think we’re about an hour drive away from the reserve that we’re gonna be working on, and when we hopped in the car they gave us little gift packs. But I have to check it out you guys interested yeah that’s the company volunteer Southern Africa yeah I will put a link below this they do a whole bunch of projects here in South Africa we do mean the big cats one, and then we’re doing it we might come back, and do some other ones maybe after the New Year’s you have to wait oh yeah. So every never told them. So yeah we’re gonna be in South Africa pretty much for two months yeah we have sorry many things organised oh you can see us the life of the car turned off. But look a guy will talk to you guys over at the UM project. But, I’m so excited oh my god yeah this is like I’ve always wanted to go to Africa ever since like you know you’ve gone there, and everything, and this is our fifth continent fifth continent and, I’ll go first country first country together together first country together, I’ll show you a bit of Johannesburg on the drive out of Janice Berg yes. So we just got to the project we’ve checked in, and then we’ve jumped in one of these Safari jeeps, and we’re getting taken to our room soon, and then we guys will quickly show you the room, and then I think we’re just jumping straight into work yeah this afternoon and, I’m its animal feedings.

So we get to go do feed the Lions, and the cheetahs, and stuff like that. So pretty cool we got to see a lot of animals already yeah we saw like lions, and cheetahs ostriches baby ostriches should be good all righty we just got to our accommodation for the next week, and it looks like we’re staying there like a game reserve Lodge it’s got the thatched roof it’s got probably the mud brick walls we’re staying on the second floor Bailey nice Bailey yeah that’s our room that it is so nice in here at this it’s air cond which is good in this heat Oh open it up, and have a look yeah oh there’s a lot this is incredible I am very very excited. But we’re just gonna quickly mungus yeah yeah big the roomies oh wow oh yeah we’re just gonna quickly freshen up gonna go into shorts for the first time in I don’t know how long, and then we’re gonna head down there feet there doing some feedings oh, and if you’re wondering yes, I’ll hum me glad wrap did make it my bag on the other is still just above gone. But now gonna get 50 meters with a glad rifle let’s show you guys what we got in our little care package I like alders are presented in this little fetched stop – this little weave bag again we just went, and bought one. But that’s okay at least you know you get a charger got a selfie stick, and we got oh this is nice a little handmade little South African token I think it is a bandana oh that’s so cool definitely gonna be rocking this alrighty guys we’re heading back down to quarantine they call it I guess well the animals are, and we are gonna go, and feed the animals. Because it is feeding time we missed all the annoying job live in the morning like the crappy jobs are on a Monday morning we missed them which was.

So, I’m yep we’re heading down there now and, I’m really excited to get started that was incredible seeing them feed we got taken around cuz a ton of new volunteers today. So as they were feeding each the animals will be taken up to each fence told a bit of a backstory behind every animal with you guys over the course of the week yes bombard you with information yes we don’t know we only got like a highlight of each animal. So when we learn more we can then share with you guys the stories of the different animals, and why they’re here it’s just incredible reading like the Lions, and the Tigers oh my god yes Dinah’s which I’d never seen yeah that was so cool. But, I’m so exhausted. Because we, and hours of traveling traveling coming here walking around suddenly in heat it’s 5 o’clock now, and we left at midnight last night, and it’s only one hour change. So we’re not jet-lagged or anything it’s just traveling over the night.

So exhausted. But, I’m dinners in an hour. So what we’re gonna do is, I’m gonna jump in the shower, and Russian art freshener have some dinner, and then you’re gonna go we got orientation. So we’re gonna show around the place, and we’ve gone there for you guys, and then for the night yeah Sun Goes Down at 7:00 my thing yes which is nice actually how weird is this is that past 5 o’clock yeah, and look at that sky yeah that’s so good yeah, I’m gonna go freshen up I really need a shower, and yeah then we’re gonna have to yeah. Because we’ve already had breakfast today, and then it is our annotation time, and that’s about maybe eight new volunteers that are gonna be here with us for the week which is pretty cool here at the moment I estimate any. But this is gonna be one yeah all right guys we’re freshened up, and we are now on the search for the eating area the son is currently studying, and that is bright look at that I think we’re gonna get a nice sunset tonight yes we are super hungry. So breakfast, I’m hungry.

So yeah I wonder what’s for dinner, and then, I’m yeah after that with orientation it’s very nice found it how beautiful is this sunset oh my gosh love the sound of nature you can just hear all the ants insects alright guys we just had a orientation, and then we’re meeting up with some of the other volunteers, and then we went to the bar which is so unbelievably cheap I think we look like two ciders like three dollars seventy. So good sorry trailing. So you know what that means how cheap it is I know those of it cheaper in America. But for us Australians to Asada’s would cost like 10 $15 each a bar yeah, and a bar be. So expensive I can’t believe we’re literally at a bar, and didn’t even spend over $4 at a bar is like in a rural area like we’re in the middle of Africa, I’m listening it to this sounds okay we were having an orientation. So I didn’t want to post at all cuz we I did want to listen to what was going on.

So I could like bring in what was gonna happen, and we’ll explain everything over the week what we learnt, and it’s just funny. Because, I’m literally sitting there listening to her while trying to hear her over the sound of the hippopotamuses that are making all these sounds, and then why would hippo is just roaming around, and she was like oh yeah thanks hippo that reminds me don’t walk out at night. Because there’s wild hippo literally they will just walk between the houses yeah, I’m not just sure if you guys know or not. But hippopotamuses I think people always say it kill more people than any other wild animal in Africa. So you people more dying on hippopotamuses yeah I think people say put a little asterisk if, I’m wrong. But we like heaps we pretty much to learn like what tweets about what our Judy’s are gonna be what we can, and can’t do cuz we need to Andy to remember we are working with like wild animals we were learning about why the animals are here, and why they can’t like some can be released some can’t be released, and be sharing that with you of the weight just like we did when we were in Costa Rica or found out the back stories of monkeys, and stuff there, and they all have their own story there’s all the reason why they all here no one is literally here. Because it’s a safe place for the animals.

So just get out of that out of the way, and you guys will know, and we’ll never work with the that do things like blood you know breathe, and try, and sell their lines I think cyber. Because I do know that that is an issue in Africa, and we did look into that before coming here, and then they also mentioned it today in the orientation. So I just thought, I’ll quickly mention it to you guys now that we did research this place, and we do believe even after seeing it today that they are doing the right thing they’re looking after wild animal animals that can’t be released into the wild like there’s a cheetah with only three legs yeah things like that you know anyway. So they’re all here for a good reason, and we’re gonna go help them, and we’re gonna share all the stories with you guys over the next week. But yeah this work starts tomorrow at 7:30 until 5:00 with of course like breakfast lunch, and dinner breaks in between, and I guess we’ll find out tomorrow how the day’s run, and we’re gonna be posting it all you guys, and yeah, I’m really excited to get started I do know at 7:30 a.m. the first thing of the day is we have to clean out the elephant stables clean all their poop that’s gonna be good start for the day I love it’s a clock.

Because I assume they do quite big poos yes, I’m interested in that. But um, and also later on we might be taking the elephants for a walk. So maybe some lines more walks yeah all right. So good night guys, and we’ll see you tomorrow Africa.

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