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Hey guys from cuenca leg garden resort. And today. I’m off to explore an island the kind of island that.

I like to say is the most beautiful in the world as, you know here on my blog. I overused that thing a little bit unfortunately, it’s not going to be quite as planned because Jamie is just in the room right now recovering he’s been dealing with like a fever his last night which. I’ve been told is high we’re gonna find out if you blew all your jokes in one day we recommend using them we found these stuff here from the area because they’re closed for the plastic if you notice they’re closed on the island we’ve just arrived here at where is one of the Japanese naval ships that were sank during the war as our guide Anthony explained it was during 1945 after the atomic bomb had been put off in Japan blowing up Hiroshima there was lots for ships that were trying to flee.

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And escape. And hide what they actually did is they disguised their ships by putting rocks by putting debris basically trying to camouflage in with the surrounding islands and So, this is one of the ships that were basically posted up right next to this island it was discovered by the Americans.

And was bombed that is why, it’s it’s, you today. So. I’m gonna get my GoPro on.

I’m gonna show, you guys what it looks like inside of there assuming. I can hold my breath long enough goggles in check GoPro is checked. and I’m ready to go in that water explore the sunken warship that’s so epic, it’s kind of scary because. I don’t want to get myself scratched up against the side of a rusty boat, but.

I’m st. So worth it no matter Tori.

And I’ll probably swear. I’m an extra 200 meters down there 200 OHS yeah give or take, but coming back. I felt like.

I was swimming 2 kilometers because of the current it was like a treadmill. And every time. I took a look up from the water.

I swore. I was in the same place. So that was definitely the most lively aura.

I’ve ever seen we didn’t really see big fish, but lots of beautiful brightly colored coral lots of little fish. I saw Nemo. I told his father he’s on his way we were swimming.

And all. I could feel was little bumpy things touching me and I looked down.

And like basically how, you would picture jellyfish like kind of a clear transparent gooey looking thing there was hundreds of them and I just started swimming as quickly as. I could, you try to get out of there.

I was just ready to have shocks. I was ready to start feeling shocks across my body. I thought.

I was gonna die turns out it was just fish sperm there was actually a theme park that was supposed to be built by Nickelodeon in one part of Kuran the whole project was shut down actually because they didn’t get enough support. So obviously people here the locals the people that Philippines. And other people were lobbying.

And they stopped it. So it goes to show there is a great effort being put to preserve what is here hopefully it stays that way because, it’s just. So pristine yeah we’ve just touched down here in Paradise, this is a remarkable island, this is past Island we’re gonna have some lunch here explore the island fly the drones.

So beautiful cerulean blue waters check palm trees check. And check yep this has everything, you need for a perfect Island now the only thing. I need this shade right now, it’s super bright taking a job at me aren’t, you sweet eyes tease out.

I get called out on my blog quite a bit for saying most beautiful place in the world way too much. I take back what. I said, this is my favorite island in the entire world oh my gosh leaves an island weenie, this is my favorite thing Oh who is that good judge.

So we’re gonna make our own hot sauce visitors who smells the delicious chicken here so I actually want to do an interview, it’s gonna be an interview between two palm trees. and I’m gonna be talking to titi travels because. I think, it’s really awesome to talk to travelers people who have actually seen what, it’s like to be on the road non-stop they’ve been added now for nine months which is crazy. I personally had my own bout of traveling as a backpacker it was eight months it was when.

I was probably. I think. I was like 21 years old and I just started it off in Bangkok ThailAnd I was actually doing a school exchange there from there. I was traveling all around Southeast Asia.

I was doing Laos Vietnam Cambodia. I went to Hong Kong for a brief stay. And there’s.

So many ups. And downs of traveling, it’s not always the fun thing that, you see on Instagram there’s so many times where, you feel mentally.

And physically exhausted so I wanted to sit down have a chat. And kind of give, you guys the insight of somebody who’s been traveling for a long time now just getting set up for the interview have now been travelling for nine months.

And yes nine months is a crazy amount of time to be living out of a backpack and I think there’s so many things that go on behind travel that are worth hearing about.

So. I’m gonna open up with the phone question where has been your favorite place that you’ve traveled to Indonesia. I found easy pick for us amazing wildlife amazing people the scenery were just incredible yeah beautiful walls everywhere people really really friendly.

I’m the food surprisingly incredible yeah Barney although most people say Bali Indonesia, but if you actually go outside of Bali. And explore yeah other islands, it’s really really amazing for us if you haven’t already check out flores yeah the best thing we’ve seen Komodo dragon months. I’ve done it too, it’s amazing yeah.

And one of the things, you mentioned is food they’re actually vegan they can’t eat anything that has animal by-products anything that has touched an animal. So how has that correct that, but surprisingly often the Philippines, it’s been really easy in India. And India was amazing here’s been the Philippines, it’s been the only place that’s gonna challenge really.

And, it’s very me on top of me until we meet their diet. So yeah that’s been the only place, it’s been a challenge, but overall know what do, you do when, you can’t find like good vegan options like places like the Philippines oh, you make do vegans eat porridge in the morning yeah there’s hot water everywhere post bread just buy it from the supermarket that’s what we’ve been doing this in the deli yeah make your own dishes like even if we can get aside to share its vegetables, you have to just speak write everything where do, you see your blog going now that you’re done traveling while China is still very far behind. So a puppy takers a good eight months to get all the footage.

And we want to do that compilations right aramid, you know what happen to, you guys. I got a brief snippet of what it happened to me just now yeah for, you it’s so much worse yeah it was my fault.

I was coming down some stairs and I fell over. And dropped our hard drive.

So now, it’s not processing in the laptop. And we are hoping. And praying we get your backs, it’s got four months worth of footage on it.

So hopefully we can bring that to guys, it’s actually got all the vodka even the blogs we put up, it’s got all the broth yeah. So a seven months everything, but the Philippines. So fingers crossed we get it back otherwise we’re gonna have to reinvent ourselves yeah that’s like a nightmare because that’s exactly what.

I did on my first trip. I had everything. I had done pretty much forward to five months of footage on one hard drive luckily.

I never had anything go wrong with that hard drive you’ve been traveling as a lifestyle for eight months nine months now what’s becoming the hardest thing about it after a long amount of time it becomes it sounds silly because you’re in these beautiful places, but it is quite draining to, you know not be in control of your own food not being, you know, you know moving from place to place sometimes it can be 12-hour days things can go wrong, it’s a lot more challenging. I expect it to be either be a breeze yeah, but, it’s been a struggle just to have a control on your life that, you don’t get yeah. I think, you hope.

And if anything goes wrong god forbid fingers crossed, but if it goes wrong when you’re traveling to soar out even a tiny pig it becomes impossible routine, it’s my life routine that’s what. I miss the most -, it’s like, you know wanting to cook my own food at home working at a gym and I felt that sometimes after traveling for such a long period of time, you do need to take breaks to have routine again otherwise, you could be sitting on the world’s most beautiful beaches here.

And not even appreciate the beauty that you’re in because, you need those periods of like, you know maybe doing things that are a bit less fun. And yeah there’s an example, it’s like without darkness there is no light. So if you always have a good good good good good, you don’t always appreciate the good towards the end.

So, it’s like. I love to be able to travel now for one month two months. And then be able to go home.

And just like lock myself in a room. And do editing. And be.

So desperate to get out of there. And go travel again like for me that’s my reset switch and I feel like when, you travel for nine months, it’s like, it’s bound to happen that, you just need that reset.

I definitely advise three to five months maximum sort of thing yeah if you’re thinking about it nine months is a big commitment yeah, but it has been amazing some of the places have seen. And we have been really picking out on the first week we’ve done everything, but now a lot is that is the animal actually that rare is it gonna huge stink the next five years now looking way have, you been able to stay on budget yes yes. I know Tory spent all their money that’s all gone.

So we’re using two am. I or mostly my money now which is fine, but, you know let us say, you don’t need that much to Joe Torre saved she had six not six or seven thousAnd I think, you can save, you know five thousand US dollars that’ll last, you three months no problem if you’re not going crazy with it.

I mean no matter what even in Southeast Asia, you can blow through your money, but if you’re relatively smart with your money, you can really make it last your food can be done as cheaply as ten US a day eating at the more local places accommodation probably averaging anywhere from ten to fifteen dollars for, you know a backpacker for a shared room, you could probably pay twenty us have a decent place. And then, you know, you cut that in half that’s ten dollars ten dollars 35 to 50 US dollars, you can travel quite comfortably in Southeast Asia saved money yeah get cheap accommodation eat cheaper. And then, you don’t miss out on come to beautiful places like this yeah and I’ve been with manta rays. I could see in Tigers or. I suggest we saw a tiger in probably the highlight one of the highlights.

And she definitely had if you go to India there’s the best way to see Tigers of the great guy. I’m gonna have, you in his house it was incredible is three days of living in an Indian town in the middle of nowhere no internet no Wi-Fi yeah, but it was please like it was. So worth it it was a president actually.

I didn’t know what to expect on was like, you never they’re just gonna go to this guy’s house he lives like right up in the mountains, you know with that story days we don’t know what it was like yeah yeah sorry almost didn’t come yeah. I’m the train up there. And Tory freaked out.

And was like what if they kidnap shows what if he takes me. And kills, you and I thought yes.

I guess this leads to a good question is like have, you found it easy to trust people or traveling or do, you feel like the places, you travel to, you have to be on guard or particularly India yeah if it goes. I don’t know if. I felt 100% safe without, you there all the time in Indonesia.

I think. I felt. So safe, but, you just maybe, it’s made us a little bit more cynical there’s a piece comes about to be aware of that we had a baptism by fire in Delhi, but, it’s made it made us in the air the best thing because.

I I didn’t know Chapel Travelocity changes people or that’s the idea that does matter yeah. I shouldn’t think it makes me more cynical. And less trusting of people soon.

And question people’s motives even if they’re lovely people, you never really. I never really know. And especially the language marry, it’s hard to they match safe stuff in a way the isn’t trustworthy for them that’s just them trying to speak our language or speak English.

I think that’s just made us into a normal amount of naive somebody else is coming on a long term trip, you know three months plus even two months would, you recommend the lowest days of your life. And some of the highest days are just like oh my gosh, you feel. So be done.

And then some tries to like scam, you or make five dollars off, you minutes like no man, this is not the right time to try this yeah some days, you just feel really beat down. I remember that yeah, but that’s especially the case when, you travel more. So on a budget.

I find. I filled it now that now that. I don’t travel longer periods of time and I like. I’m not traveling seven months straight. I’m not staying in always low-end accommodation.

I feel like. I’m able to cut out a lot of that stress yeah, but, you know, you still have your frustration days like, you realize that the airline that, you booked with doesn’t have your ticket now you’re stuck at the airport for the next 12 hours much more things go wrong when, you Chaplin than in everyday life guys you’ve got to check out their blog they’ve been doing vlogs they’ve been doing the instagrams except until their hard drive broke will be back stronger bigger better. And then the traveler trouble yes Audrey, you got to start my posts gonna get demonetized what’s the joke funny of the second time yeah, you live on this island yeah oh my gosh how many people live on this island Martina dives into kids.

So 16 people in total just said he really hates his neighbors as well. So that’s tough luck on escape good luck with your island life peace out to the past Island, it’s time to take a pass on this island, you know. I’m damned.

So they just saw some stingray a baby shark. And some flounders the crazy thing is. I just realized this now.

I actually interviewed Tom. And Tori about their nine month trip order to realize that today’s actually their last official day on the road, you guys are basically in transit after, this is it yeah well don’t don’t make it. So bleak oh yeah yeah, this is the end of a new beginning there we go it may be beginning of it one of those the end of the beginning.

I don’t know lots of memories lots of adventures lots of fun time. And now we gotta say bye to Anthony fearless Liam leading us into port there is appreciate a man these are the best to go to the greatest of all time tucked away here in the beautiful footsteps of the mountains is the soul a garden resort the place that is. So kindly hosted me for the past three days if you’re looking for a really nice hotel here in Quran.

I would highly recommend checking this one out you’re new here my name is Christian. And hit that comment button right up there. So you’re notified when the rest of the Philippines series gets posted.

And if you’re planning on coming here. I’ve actually made an entire travel post guide for, you it will show, you all the things that, you need to do while coming to the Philippines how to choose between whether, you go to Cebu palawan the both of them. And if you’re going to do that then which places should, you go to it gives, you all that information that, you need to know before arriving.

So make sure to check that out by clicking the five hot tips to the Philippines, it’s completely free it gives, you a sample of the guide. And let’s get lost again in the next one a. ?

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