Oh look what. I have behind me we are back here it should itza obviously because, you cannot come to Mexico. And especially the Yucatan Peninsula.

And miss Chichen Itza it is still as incredible as the last time. I visited not storming, it’s definitely sunny. And hot, you still can’t climb it.

WETN WILD CANCUN Mexico Photo Gallery

So that’s kind of sad. So chitchat eats it gets really really really busy. And crazy here because it is obviously a very popular thing.

So recommendations come early come with a key T key group because we come early. And there, you go. So, you need to know.

And bring a hat because, it’s really really hot really odds leaving to jannat saw art could take your bent head towards the eat kil cenote for a refreshing. And much-needed cooldown. And then it was off to Cancun which went a little something like this, this is the beach at Plaza Carmen is about an hour.

And 20 minutes later. And as, you see it is a beautiful beautiful white sandy beach basically we’re having beach day. and I’m super stoked. And excited to go swimming this alright guys. So this morning we are doing the jungle lion experience it is a meat type optional here in Cancun.

And, it’s gonna Maul a lot of ziplining. And abseiling through caves. And in the jungle mind jungle here, it’s gonna be really good hi guys.

So right now we are waiting for our water taxi to come in because we are saying adios to Mexico. And we are heading toward caye caulker in Belize please guys first we gotta take a water taxi to get there, it’s about a two. And a half hour boat ride something of this sort.

So ready for it please. I am running. So while we enjoy the views from the water taxi here’s a couple facts both Belize it is the only country in Central America whose official language is English as it used to be part of the British Commonwealth also it was the birthplace of chewing gum.

So go figure please hey guys thank you. So much for reading my post. I hope, you enjoyed it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you did stay tuned for the next episode coming at, you in a couple days time.

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