Guys we have been spending the morning doing a ton of washing it is currently one o’clock I knew you guys want to see you here right now in the background we are washing all my clothes after using it for like two weeks straight without a washing machine. So it is much needed we still have more to go here it’s washing away how cool this is in England how everything’s hidden like the washing machine sneaky, and it’s like the fridge I love this idea makes it look so much better instead of having the fridge, and washing machine this noticeable also in Australia we don’t have washing machines in our kitchens we have them in our laundry. So I also found it very strange that it’s in the kitchen. But must be an English thing um he is Stephen Hey everyone.


So Leanne is staying with my cousin if you remember last time when she is in London going to like a search a fancy event that’s even um she’s actually having lunch in the horrible Parliament House ascending Parliament House which. So that’s kind of cool yeah not a lot of people get invited to go in there why didn’t they invite flying the Nets I should have given us some business cards oh. So we put the house to ourselves all the day laundry party tomorrow. So we’re thinking of making some pumpkin soup yeah, I’m simple loser time things they don’t do that we love hey don’t do pumpkin soup, and we want pumpkin soup yeah we’re doing pumpkins I think I think we have a lot of pumpkins here one of the Leanne’s friends has a pump like butternut squash farm in their backyard. But some of it anyway. So we’ve got a lot of them down here. So, I’m gonna make some pumpkin soup and, I’m also thinking of making some pumpkin spice cupcakes it’s remember which means I could officially say it’s always Christmas, I’m gonna talk about Christmas all the time now.

Because I feel like it’s November Halloween is gone the next step is Christmas. So it is okay to talk about Christmas as much as I want this morning I even listen to Christmas carols how did you think that went how long did I make it as focused as carols all morning. Because on the clock, and we just switched them off yes, I’m thinking pumpkin soup today pumpkin spice cupcakes as well. So, I’m gonna have a day of like cooking, and baking, and we’re also gonna post some extra posts. Because when we were in Scotland, and Prague, and Belgium wait in Bozeman ever get some I know a couple of countries we went, and got some different sweets, and treats that are traditional to that area we hope we went into the shops, and we had a look at things we haven’t seen before. So we were guessing that they were from the country especially if they had their words Scottish show notes perhaps it was some Scotland. But we’re gonna post some of those today as well for you guys, I’m sure you’re gonna see them over the next few days.

Because we will have extra time to actually edit those extra posts. Because when we’re traveling full time it’s hard to get those extra posts out. But we love doing those posts, and then we put a bit of down time a bit of time to make publicans soup time. So there definitely time to put up some extra little challenge posts, and we lost clay if she wants to be in there too, and she has said yes. So you’ll be seeing clearing them too we’ve decided she is I fly the nest sidekick, and you’ll be seeing a lot of her seeing, and she’s going to be travelling with us for quite a while. But yes also we’ve added down below all her links to like her Instagram, and stuff if you want to follow Cleary, and say hi, and by the way it is clear with an H. So CH le Oh Cleo not like clear like Cleopatra it’s got the H, and she wanted to make sure you knew that alright.

But we’re going to go down to the shops now, and get some ingredients for the soup whoa pumpkin how cute is that we don’t do that in Australia’s through that’s like the first time we’ve ever seen like a button it is getting so much colder here in England like this is now winter I had used Stephens jacket it’s that cold there’s like a fog at the moment that’s on top of London. So you can’t fly in, and out. So luckily we did catch the bus yesterday otherwise I don’t think we would we know to fly in. But I think it’s a fault that’s making an extra cold. But it is this is the chili bean. But yet still no rain just fog. So still lucky.

But I’ve a feeling it might rain this afternoon. But we’re currently walking to the shop. So hopefully does it rain on us takes half an hour to get there. So we’ll walk quickly to try, and warm up. But it is definitely getting chilly, I’m gonna look out for more Halloween stuff. Because I’ve even seen a house dressed up for Halloween before. So, I’m hoping some people have left their decorations out, and see let’s come to one of the high streets here, and promise Grove possess Sierra keep saying Birmingham, and Walsh sister as braunsberg which is in the city of Birmingham yeah I think.

So if you wanted to define it. But yeah we’re just gonna walk around movie pop into some of the stores, and then go get our groceries we decided to come, and check our Iceland. Because it’s a store, and everything’s frozen like everything is frozen get your mushroom soup frozen dangerous we have found pizza for only 1 pound this was not a good idea. But also the best idea we ever had in our entire life we are going to be spending quite a bit of time in this store I feel like finding all of the deals let’s see it’s a witch there’s a witch, and there’s a cat there’s like a I love it, I’m running away. Because those people in that house know like what is she doing it my dog’s death excited for pumpkins ooh we got all the ingredients is mine ice is getting chilly pinara he’s getting. So frosty, and cold. But look at this – god it’s like he’s white no rain no rain what our record yeah when did we arrive in Europe the night nice, and it’s a second.

So it makes me a month almost a month Wow it does not feel like we’re gonna wait for a month right kind of from color, and stuff, I’m loving Europe on a move here yeah I want to move to England I love it so much, I’m obsessed that is my goal in life now is to move to England we initially thought to move to Berlin yeah. Because I wanted to kind of see what it’s like living in a place where you don’t speak English. But everyone learns English. So I know it won’t be too hard. But after going there I was like I didn’t like England better. But you’re like yeah, and it like even though progress such a beautiful city known it’s English is in the main language yeah, and I still, I’m just like obsessive Inglot, and I really want to move here. But um sounds expensive.

So I don’t know how that guys an Australian trying to move here do we know you never know need to get a job need to get some money England has these things wait how they open. So cute I love it Justin Bieber’s Christmas album on, and by Christmas track pants on, and we’ll make some soup, and you’re gonna edit some posts, and then. Because we’re bleep behind. Because we had such a busy few few days three thirds alongside for pumpkins ooh yay, and Christmas songs just happened um what is this Oh have to put the ark, and we need it with that post, and today hey we’ll put that post on today. So you can see what clearance even gone up to I was in the post I was sleeping while you make in my soup which is almost done yeah they did a little post together we thought it was nice just to introduce clearing watch the posts thingy she’s gonna be with us a lot as I said this morning. So you should check that post out I think my pumpkin suit was a success smells amazing as well yeah, and got some garlic bread in the oven I know it is currently 5:30 just worth paying the meals like oh my gosh, I’m so hungry must be Sasori like it’s 5:30 mm-hmm like that is not 5:30 well ah. So we’re just gonna have some dinner maybe watch some TV while we do some work, and just enjoy this yummy pumpkin soup you love you wait.

So long to have some pumpkin serve, I’m so excited, and we put a lot of garlic bread in the oven hmm. So we’re definitely gonna be full after this, and my face is still smell supreme even though washed up how’s your face little family dinner around the little candles around the TV such a little family alrighty dig in dig in looks amazing cheeky Netflix, and chill outside of these like slippers really sure to for Chile’s bit like some chill Oh 8:30 pretty sure I should envelope now cuz I know you that, I’m just going to watch yours, and do some work. So let me take their cover to see let’s say good night, I’m gonna come back in here, and then say 1 X 9 I miss ending the post stay. Because we’re about to go, and do chill stop doing that please, I’m sure that’s like Sancho, and then are you gonna do work, and then come true with us after yeah. So to commend the post here yeah 8:30 7:30 sit no way oh my gosh I keep feeling like it’s so late it is it feels like I don’t know the Sun going down it makes me feel more like easier why that is a psychological it is what I literally thought I was like 11 o’clock at night it’s my washing dick tomorrow my auntie buns were gonna come round yeah yeah Tom Price present they’re gonna for days a lot of you guys I’ve been asking about sorry stay tuned for that yeah yeah, I’m gonna say goodnight yeah thanks so much for reading guys, and we will see you tomorrow in England yay, and we are gonna go a chill on the couch watch some shows do you want to be singing do you want to be seen in this post oh good night hit it hit it thank you.

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