Alright guys hey for breakfast today. I decided that.

I would just get something simple at the hotel. I know. I I want to like show, you guys is really cool like the restaurant of where.

I go. And when I go to these places in countries, but sometimes.


I need to just stay like especially if. I’m very lifted some time and I promise, you lunch.

And dinner are gonna be really fun. And awesome. So for breakfast.

I’m here at the hotel in the Sheraton at the hotel restaurant. And breakfast. I got a very smoothie keeping it nice.

And healthy. And a bowl of berry did a lot of berries here very very very. I want a Jamaican it is Sunday brunch.

So, it’s really really busy. And crazy right now, but. I’m really looking forward all right, this is what.

I got. I’ve got some salt fish. And cabbage outside Francine, this is boiled colors.

I’ve got provision which is like a dumpling well not dumping, it’s usually like taro root, it’s potato, it’s different types of local potatoes. And then. I got rye sea beans very very very Jamaican from eating healthy well traveling is rather difficult um.

So one of the biggest things. I can recommend is trying to find snack healthy snacks, it’s really easy to find like chips chocolate bars candies stuff that’s really quick. And not very nutritious, it’s not gonna fill, you up that much while you’re on the go.

So when I do do is. I try to find the healthiest snack options as possible.

And then happens with me. So that kind of munch on them during the day anyway. So here in York.

I found these. I’ve never seen these before they are behind a barn Anna barn Nana. I don’t know, but they are a super potassium snack they were literally just dried bananas organic bananas organic banana powder that’s it cuz, it’s not like a full banana.

And open em as if you guys have ever packed full bananas in it luggage before or any kind of bag is a nightmare because they just get squashed and, you get banana everywhere. So, it’s a great way to have bananas let’s go, this is what it looks like doesn’t really look better feel a or appetizer yeah, it’s really good, it’s like um, it’s like a fruit leather do, you guys know like fruit leathers. I think.

I did good with my snacks. I think. I did good all right.

So, this is a Shake Shack burger. I’ve been told it is a very good burger. I really excited for this there, you go here good afternoon guys.

And welcome to Rockaway Beach here in New York. So notice that your volunteer for the barefoot worm breast. And cried today basically.

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