Of the various types of travel that.

I do solo travel is one of them one of my biggest trips that. I ever took my first trip. I took to New Zealand was a solo travel trip.

I’ve also simul travelled around China Southeast Asia America South America parts of Europe. So here’s what, you need to know about solo traveling if you are thinking of doing some trips. And travels on your own now why, you my ask in this day.


And age would, you ever want to travel solo well sometimes we don’t really have an option sometimes, you want to travel with other people, but nobody really wants to travel with, you a more realistic situation is that nobody can afford or take time off work or the schedule just doesn’t work like your life schedule is moving like this. And other people’s life schedules are going like this. And they just can’t intersect for this trip, but, you want to take that, you want to take now hence the reason to travel solo the other reason is because we can do what we want we can do whatever it is that we want to do on our trips.

And it is amazing there is no better feeling in the world then being like hey. I want to go out. And explore the city today, this is beauty of soul travel, you do what, you want, you eat what, you want, you cry when, you want to, you sleep in when, you want do, you pool when, you want to literally anything that, you want to do, you could do it because this is, you traveling by yourself, you may have all the options in the world available to, you when, you solo travel pack light because, it’s only, you you.

And only, you carrying everything. So you’re not a pack mule have the essentials birthday kits are very very important. And then all your other types of things like rain gear make sure, you pack thoroughly, you have to spend a bit more time packing if you are doing a solo travel trip then, you would if you were traveling with other people problem solving.

So the travel is a lot of problem-solving. And the more problems that, you solve the better, you get at solving them okay the more, you travel solo the better, you get at being a solo traveler the key is to trust in your natural abilities to solve these problems think of it like this if you were in your own town like, you were literally in your own town right now and, you want it to go for food how would, you know where to go where would, you look well, it’s the same thing in a foreign country, you probably google it or research on a restaurant app if you wanted to we spend the night in your hometown, you know, you wanted to get it put an accommodation what would, you do well you’d probably look for hotels in your hometown. And then you’d look for reviews.

And then you’d book it. And that’s where you’d stay the exact same concepts apply when you’re in foreign countries believe it or not. So just taking those skills your confidence in being able to problem-solve those situations or how to get from A to B.

And then applying them when you’re in a foreign country just is just in a different atmosphere the same skill set different country act confident acts like, you know what, you are doing. And the scammers will be less likely to bug, you if you were trying to scam someone would, you go to someone who’s like that look straight coffin knows where they’re going knows what they’re doing or would, you go to someone that’s like nervous. And like filling the thumbs.

And like oh. I don’t know where. I should go.

I don’t know about this walk with the purpose. And try to blend in as much as possible, this is the time to be inconspicuous with your jewelry. And your clothing, this is a time to not stand out especially your solo traveling, you want to blend in.

And act like a local. And look like a local as much as, you possibly can determine your comfort zone it is okay not to know this right away because there’s no right. And wrong way to travel traveling solo doesn’t mean, you have to take these crazy overnight buses.

And ridiculous foreign cities. And just do all these five-hour hikes by yourself traveling solo doesn’t mean, you have to travel solo for your whole trip, you can easily mix up. And add an organized tour group here.

And there in between your travels to kind of add into the mix. So you’re not traveling solo for your entire trip maybe there’s certain parts or sitting cities or countries that, you don’t feel comfortable traveling solo in well maybe, you should do an organized tour there in between your solo travel trip. So, it’s like organized tour with your with other people.

And, it’s planned as well then then other solo excursions for the next leg of your journey speaking of tour groups tar grooves are great for solo travelers. And believe it or not are actually better when, you are solo traveler one of the reasons for that is because it forces, you out of your comfort zone. And it makes, you have to make friends because if you’re traveling in an organized tour group with another friend you’re just going to like automatically resort to hanging out with them instead of like having to like force yourself out of your comfort zone to meet new people which is.

So much fun. So much fun. And most tour groups are composed of solo travelers anyway.

So, it’s no serious like 60% solo travelers on organized tour groups. So everyone’s kind of in the same boat. So everyone’s like meshing together trying to make friends.

And planet awesomeness travels, it’s really great, it’s really great so I enjoy tour groups as a solo traveler hostels hostels are hands down the best place for solo travelers, it’s going to feel very isolated. And lonely if you are constantly staying in hotels or arabi.

And bees or private rooms if you are a solo traveler, this is where the loneliness aspect of solo travel kicks in when, you were constantly staying by yourself. So when, you stay in a hostel one you’re probably going to stay in a dorm room. So there’s you’re automatically have roommates which, you know that may or may not be to your personal preference, but, it’s great because, it’s like social interaction for school social interaction no seriously all souls are amazing.

And also people just really really welcoming. And warming in hostels where that’s what. I’ve personally found.

So, you usually like sit down at like a big table. And chat with people. And talk about where to go.

And where, you want to go. And and just get to know. And have a great time.

And just not feel like you’re always solo traveling learning to say no. And when to say no yeah when, you travel by yourself, you are a lot more approachable as a person this goes in enemy country really young, you will find that, you can approach a lot more as a solo traveler this could be something as like trying to help, you with directions trying to like guide, you to where, you need to go, you know just asking, you why are, you traveling by yourself silly questions like this as well as trying to sell, you something learning to say no is a skill. And it takes a bit of time to practice because, you need to stay at Stern.

And meaningful in certain situations if to learn to be confident in your nose, you gotta learn to not be afraid to tell someone to leave, you alone. I know right, you think you’d be a load all the time when your sole traveling not the case. And while.

I’m a big advocate of saying yes to opportunities. And adventures, you also really do have to learn when it is time to sign now, you won’t get lonely really really, you really won’t get lonely, but, you have to open up and, you have to learn to be the instigator the one that starts up the conversation even if, it’s as simple as saying hi. I’m Abby what’s your name literally, it’s that simple.

And you’ve got a conversation started eating alone again the best way to try. And get around, this is hostels because hostels generally have kitchens where, you can cook your own food. And socialize with other people cooking their own food.

And then, you can sit down at a big table with all the people that have cooked their own food. And ate with them and So suddenly you’re not eating by yourself you’re eating with many other people also food courts.

And street markets are amazing as a solo traveler because they’re just well one they’re everywhere in the world. And two they’re open markets full of a variety of amazing delicious local foods that are just like takeaways they’re like a take away style. So, you just come up, you order it right away get your plates.

And then there’s benches already there for, you to eat tons. And tons of people go there to grab a quick bite to eat on the way from work or just just to generally eat in their day to day lives they’re very very popular in lots places around the world. And, it’s usually cheaper food there anyways which is a bonus.

So you’re just sitting with a bunch of other locals who are probably by themself as well or other travellers by themselves. And you’re at tables with a bunch of other people. So you’re not really like eating by yourself, it’s just a lot less awkward.

So if you are eating by yourself try. And bring a book or a phone to the table. So, you can at least read or do something on your phone or better yet, you could start a book on sation with the waitstaff oh really, you don’t want to be completely antisocial talk to the waitstaff see how they’re doing ask them a few questions as long as, it’s not too busy because if, it’s too busy, but probably not going to want to talk to, you.

And if all else fails sit at the bar because that’s literally what bars are for single. And solo people to sit at. And to eat food.

And beverage. And sit to be not awkward at all safety yes of course safety is a thing one solo traveler. So make sure that somebody at home has a general idea your schedule.

And where you’re going to be at like any given day they should they don’t have to know like to the tee like every hour where you’re going to be, but they should know at least where you’re staying every night. And what country. And like maybe a few activities or something that you’re doing just somebody somebody should know approximately where, you are plus as a solo traveler, you have to be extra aware of your surroundings meaning your personal bubble space.

And maybe a few more like five more meters at least around, you you need to be aware of what’s going on here to be super super alert. And just being paying attention and I don’t mean being like paranoid.

I mean just being aware of what is going on around, you or having something else like a whistle or a personal alarm. I actually carried both with me a whistle in my backpack. And a personal alarm device don’t be a vampire they aren’t very good solo travelers no really make sure, you are planning your travels to.

And from A to B during the daytime because nighttime no matter what country you’re in is significantly more dangerous as a solo traveler. And going out at night because alcohol is a very tricky. And unpredictable substance because getting drunk.

And stumbling home in the middle of the night is not a good idea in any country as a solo traveler or as a solo person or as a single person by yourself always have a working phone with, you now if you are traveling with some friends or with another person this isn’t as important, but as a solo traveler please please please please have a way to contact somebody anybody if you are lost if you are scared, you need directions if you can’t find something like, this is just like safety 101 being able to reach out because when you’re with other people they can go for help if you get injured or something, but if you’re by yourself, this is what, you have that’s all, you have we live in the age of cellular technology take advantage of it. So our phones didn’t exist in the 60s when hippies were roaming around traveling the world by themselves only travel solo. And alone if you really feel like, you are ready to travel solo now what.

I mean by, this is that yes, it’s totally normal to be scared. And nervous on your first solo trip on any solo trip, but if you are. So scared.

And nervous that, you were like physically making yourself ill that, you are getting night sweats that, you were just dreading your trip or worried about everything that’s going to happen as a solo traveler then maybe you’re not quite ready to do a solo travel trip yet or at least that solo travel trip that you’re fretting about. And last always trust your gut it is surprisingly good at knowing when, you should or shouldn’t do something listen to it hear it out generally your gut knows a lot if you’re getting that like weird feeling that something isn’t right something’s probably not right unless, it’s after a big meal in which case, it’s probably just gurgling thank, you guys again. So much for reading this post.

I hope you’ve learned Lots. and I’m really excited to hear about, you have, you done any big solo trips before have, you done initially travels before are, you planning to do any silly travels let me know it down below in the comments.

I’m really interested to hear your guys. And gals stories thanks. So much for reading this post.

And don’t forget to comment to my youtube blog for more travel advice tips. And posts. And I’ll see, you guys again in a few days time bye.

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