Welcome to Las Vegas. I’m Hanna Dean.

And in this three-part series. I’m going to show, you some of the best things to do eat shop. And see when, you come visit here let’s go there are many different reasons people come to Las Vegas.


And if yours is to shop one of the best places is the Shops at Crystal located at Aria there are over 40 high-end boutique shops. And restaurants all of them are placed among the many unique art installations both outside the shop. And inside after shopping what better way to spend the evening then to see a show all right guys tonight we are seeing dark Hannah here at the Aria it is one of the cert distillation shows here in Vegas Zarkon ax is full of aerialists jugglers high wire.

And trapeze artists, it’s a wonderful search show of twisted acrobatics placed in a fantasy universe one of the hotels we stand it with the recently open SLS, it’s got a fun edging European design full of unique features like the giant disco dance floor entrance. And the 3d LED display at center bar if you are looking to oh relax inside is the seal saw at SLS while there we did an 80-minute aromatherapy massage complete with a body scrub. And a hydrating shea butter full body wrap Oriole at Mandalay Bay is the perfect fine dining restaurant in Las Vegas perhaps most famous for its four-story wine Tower.

And, it’s flying wine angels which are servers. And harnesses that scale the tower to grab one of the over 10,000 wine bottles for, you while there. I was lucky enough to have a cooking class experience with executive chef Vincent + L which is what a mandala BAE’s mlife moments exclusive to M light for ward members first, you made a savory dish of hand rolled potato gnocchi with Ora king salmon on an artichoke puree this was such a fun fresh.

And very stylish dish to make plus it tasted. So creamy. And delicious after that it was time for dessert with pastry chef Cara as we put together a rustic apple tart on top of creme fraiche with a scoop of fresh apple sorbet also just as delicious thanks.

So much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts. And the bit inspired your next mega strip click the posts below to watch the next episode.

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