Wining and Dining in New York

A stay in New York can be a gastronomic delight. You have your pick of cooking from every corner of the globe to say nothing of all-American steaks and hamburgers and first-class seafood.

Eating Habits

New Yorkers resident and transient seem to operate on staggered schedules. The late riser may see the early lunchers arrive while he’s finishing breakfast. You’ll find people eating in restaurants almost any time of day.

Breakfast, served between 7 and 11, can consist of juice, toast or Danish pastry’ (sweet roll) with coffee or tea (Continental breakfast) or the whole works: eggs (served with buttered toast and jam), sausages, pancakes (thick ones coated with maple syrup) or waffles in assorted flavours. English visitors may find American coffee a bit weak and may also be surprised to receive a second cup without asking.

Lunch, from 11.00 to 2.30, usually a hamburger or sandwich washed down with a Coke, iced tea in summer, a 92 glass of iced water or coffee.

Dinner, from 5.30 to 10.30. and often preceded and accompanied by cocktails.

Brunch is a hybrid of breakfast and lunch, traditionally eaten on Sundays. Served any time from 11 to 3, brunch consists of eggs and toast, or whatever else you might fancy. With it you could drink a Bloody Mary (tomatojuice and vodka) or some American champagne.

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