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Some were very ordinary and some were treasures with inlaid silver Wuhan Metro Map decoration. It was nearly midday and I was in no hurry so I joined a friendly Wuhan Metro Map group and kept their children amused while they got on with erecting the yurt. Actually the children didn’t need entertainment, they just sat and stared at me through their slanting almond-shaped eyes for almost an hour. Spreading out the sections of criss-crossed red willow poles, the bigger children and six adults pulled them out until long enough to be the yurt’s circular wall. To support the ceiling some eight-foot willow wands were slotted at an angle into a wide open circle at the top (the smoke hole). When I asked one of the men why the poles are dyed red he replied that the dye protects the wood.

A mass funeral was arranged for the majority of the dead. It would take several days to prepare. The Western Federation of Miners covered the cost of burial, but it took time to raise the funds. More importantly, there were not enough caskets in the area and families had to wait for coffins to be brought in from other towns. The funeral was December 29, 1913.

All of Calumet was in mourning that day. Bells tolled as funeral services were held throughout the city. Tens of thousands came to mourn. The supply of hearses and vehicles was inadequate, so scores of union members carried the white coffins holding children.

Cold winds cut through the long procession of mourners as they slowly made their way across the frozen ground to the snow-shrouded cemetery not far from Lake Superior. The funeral procession extended for blocks.

On Christmas Day people stood in the snow mourning the town’s loss.

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