10 Best Travel Destinations In India

10 Best Travel Destinations In India

I believe a National Park Service Ranger was on board our cruise ship to answer questions and talk about its history.

I am sure that many before me have remarked – and, many after have said and will say, “This truly was the trip of a lifetime!”

When I stood anywhere on the deck of a cruise ship; or, walked into any dining room; or, sat in the lounges after dinner on formal night, who could have distinguished this once poor, black barefoot boy from a millionaire or billionaire? In my US$100+ formal suit bought in 2001 (and, still looking brand new), I looked like a millionaire. On the dance floors, I seemed to be well bred and rich.

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In 2006, my credit card limit was US$1000. I was only able to get it raised to US$4000 at which it still stands. But, it has been to Toronto, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, Alaska, the USA, Mexico, Europe, Bermuda, Monaco and throughout the Caribbean.

So, what is luxury travel? Does it mean the ability to travel freely and in style without ever having to think about the cost; or, simply feeling and believing that you are doing just that, regardless of how much you spend?

One travel blogger put it this way, “People’s perceptions of what makes travel luxurious seems to vary wildly!”

If you are about to plan or go on your first luxury travel trip – or, even if you have done so already for however many times – see and carefully study what highly regarded industry personnel had to say about “luxury travel” in Chapter 10; also, do likewise with my comments following each.

Yet, please always remember that luxury travel will always be different things to different people.

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