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In this post a complete guide to the best beaches in Lanzarote. In this post I will be showing you pretty much all the beaches Lanzarote so you can decide what is the best beach for you as this might be different from person to person and depending on what exactly you are looking for.

Also I will be including my own personal top 5! The Playa Grande beach, in Puerto del Carmen, is by far the biggest and best known in Lanzarote. It’s a great beach to visit with the family or with young children. Around this beach you will find all services like bars, restaurants and shops. If you are staying here till the evening there are also many restaurant to enjoy. If you are looking for something a bit smaller in this area, the Playa Chica is just a 2 minute walk away but hidden out of sight and not know of by many people. Playa Lima in the Matagorda area is a nice beach but especially popular for people reading the planes in this area. It’s kind of a thing to do to go stand under the planes here while they are landing next to the beach, but they don’t fly over the beach. The beach is nothing special but kids seem to have fun with the planes here. Next to the beach you will find a few restaurants and bar. Because it’s a bit of fun for the kids, easy to reach and easy to combine with the Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park I would put this on the number 5 of best beaches in Lanzarote.

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In Arrecife you will find the Playa del Reducto. It’s a nice sandy beach in the center of town that could be interesting to visit if you want to have a look around the capital of Lanzarote. I would put the Playa del Reducto on my number 4 of best beaches in Lanzarote. Playa de Famara beach is very popular with surfers and windsurfers. It’s also a great place to stop while driving to the more popular excursions on the island like the Jameos del Agua, Cueva de los Verdes and Mirador del Rio. If you are staying in the Costa Teguise it is anyway closeby, just 15 minutes by car. If you are going here my only advice would be to check the weather as it is often very windy here. People even build these little shelters on the beach to be out of the wind. If you pick the right time to go, Playa de Famara is my number 3 of best beaches in Lanzarote. Playa las Cucharas is the main beach in Costa Teguise.

It’s big and most sheltered from the wind, something that can sometimes be a bit of a problem in Lanzarote. Next to the beach you will find all the restaurants, bars and shops so ideal for families with small children. Just a bit away from here is the Playa del Jablillo, still close to everything, but normally a bit less crowded then the beach of Playa las Cucharas. The Playa Bastian is on the outskirts of Costa Teguise and therefore normally the least crowded in this area. There is also a nice restaurant next to this beach with impressive views, both popular in the day and nighttime. I did not have time to eat here, but reviews online where good, food looked good and diners seemed to enjoy their experience. In Playa Blanca you will find 3 great beaches. 1 is the Playa Blanca beach, the bigger beach in this area, then there is also the Playa Flamingo and further out the Playa de Montana Roja beach. There are some sings here that some people believe it is part of the hotel but beaches in Spain or never private so it is free to use by anyone. Just the sunbeds here are part of the hotel and therefore only for use by hotel guests.

There is a nice small bar here, a great place to have a drink and relax if you are walking here from the Playa Blanca. The Playa de Montana Roja is on my number 2 of best beaches in Lanzarote. Playa Papagayo is one of the more well known tourist attractions in Lanzarote. Most people go here when the weather is great but I would advise you to go when the weather is not. Sounds strange? Well, it’s like this. If the weather is great and sunny, everyone goes here and the beach gets to busy and just not nice. If the weather is a bit more chilly and windy, not many people go here, but since the location of the Playa Papagayo is basically in a mini valley you have a little microclimate here sheltered from the wind and just filled with sun. If the beach is to busy there is also many other beaches just next to it you can enjoy like the Playa del Pozo, the first one when walking from Playa Blanca, the Playa de la Cera, Playa del Congrio and Playa Puerto Muelas. A quick warning, if you are coming here by car, there is a 3 euro toll, cash only no cards. so be prepared. I normally do everything by card and rarely have cash on me so luckily I found some coins in a bag I had with me.

Also the road is pretty bad. If you are coming from Playa Blanca, the road is not so long but if you are coming from Costa Teguise of Puerto del Carmen area and you are following the gps, normally they will send you over a very long bad gravel road. It is better to first navigate Iberostar La Bocayna Village and from there on follow the road to Playa Papagayo as it will be much less driving on bad roads. Also from Sandos Papagayo there is a walking road if you would want to take it. I would put the Playa Papagayo as my number 1 beach in Lanzarote. So I hope this post helps you have an even better holiday in Lanzarote because of it and consider subscribing to the blog for more great holiday advice covering Lanzarote and the rest of Spain.

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