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Hey guys welcome to South Paulo. So right now, this is the start of our South American Journey we’re back down here for three weeks.

And we’re going to traveling all around Brazil the surfers thoughts outhouse. And Bill’s largest city over 11 million people live here that’s crazy. And see it actually works the city of Sao Paulo’s founded.

Sao Paulo Brazil Map Photo Gallery

So we’re being enjoined on this travel journey with friends actually. And and what sister, you know her nowhere safe on camera hi Sammy hello here was sounded Hollow. So, you want to introduce we are, you skip the others are in gestation that’s right Stephanie look at the guidebook before, you tell us where we are now.

So let’s just show the guys. I know. I’m a paranoid, but uh there’s a main park here in or one of the main parks here in Central.

And South lounge space yeah. I know the base green space, it’s two colors. And, it’s just to scratch oh sorry.

And cuz, it’s of three fake legs actually reminds, you of golf courses which would fake like old times, but yet well it Mill chairs where they were. So obsessive but I think all the orange ones are for people lost in Sao Paulo we have unlock.

So Crowder’s busy we’ve got some sort of gyoza like baby how’s it case of natural wildlife in Brazil you’d never know you’re in a major city we’re in an artificial lake country what’s this place called, it’s called the Batman’s alley, it’s not, but we’re going to do ba Chi Minh good Sally Sally oh my gosh she’s not wearing any pants flip-flops. I’m gonna hock Villa this Batman. I don’t think Christian Bale would approve no he’s not or like the Lewbert.

I’ve never been artists. I’m not screaming is that there’s a fish someone right like a weird fish sure don’t weird versions of the animal all these police hummingbirds oh yeah security we’re here to Casa to Casa hostel thank, you come on Steph no chatting with this lady from hot low mortality what do they have this chat thing that. I use talk to them you’re hard at work there Symphony as.

I try figure out our trip to islas ooh where we gonna go. I’m filming it. So, it’s working Oh.

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