Oh you Jam here yeah you right-handed yes okay money guys are currently in Cambodia I’ve asked is it loaded all righty. So the only real way to see the jungles of Siem Reap is to come on his dip lining. So we’re pretty much at the ankle would why do the given hopefully receive some given.


But this should be a fun these three is the middle of our trip we already done fly blind, and there are more white capitalized alrighty guys it is break time we’re five deep lines in five more to go, and we’re at the highest point forty meters. So quite doing huh. Because little monk he’s a little given money second last one all right guys the only way down is the abseil never done this before, I’m nervous neither Sunny’s for this one you ready now oh my gosh I’ve got you too bud bye you’re leaving bye bye, I’m ready girl a bit I’d like to get off now please we did alright guys that was an awesome morning we’ve just freshened up, and now we’re heading back out to go on a street food tour which is awesome I really hope we can find some really cool Cambodian food ever tried yet.

So far the food in Cambodia has been amazing by the way whoa tucked up awesome the able to making yes it’s a guy thank you so much alright let’s do this Oh stop the Oise the travel thank you I saw using it whoa straight off the cold is a snail snail some of them they do the grilling, and get the sauce with the formative, and chili is spidered mudskipper on tonight’s menu with cockroaches worms more cockroaches snails Fishlegs yeah yeah you love the projects yeah that’s tasty yeah what is the taste like it’s a Pay system, and it’s happy to be me sorry got another fruit it’s good seller what’s funny oh my gosh it is so sweet, and sour tastes like um Oh try it takes me a really sour lolly it’s so sour it’s like I set up a such a weird taste. But dude gets like sweet it it’s like this it’s like this sour it’s like these sour candies that you can buy uh-huh any Jam got it commit to it transyl oh yeah tarantula yes from this oh this is a pile of tarantulas hey you urinated yeah eat it eat it tarantula like it can take something we can try this not bugs Cheers let me guess tastes like pumpkin really like doing pumpkin pie it’s like gooey pumpkin pie mix green bean cake green bean paste a little bit hard to do a food tour in Cambodia when you’re vegetarian. But at least we’ve been adventurous with the fruits, and the desserts I think I had like six different types before sorry oh cool oh my gosh, I’m so you halfway through the tour, and we get dinner after this well Nikhil mango it’s spicy no the spice spicy pickled mango there’s raw mangoes for me all this fresh fruit leaving his side what’s your verdict on the white first pink one, and the big one different than the one luckily about a handy scarf slash handkerchief.

So fascinating these food stalls is literally just the fire, and the food, and a bit of umbrella from the rain they seriously anything here this is just a rack of frogs what they’re trying at the moment is the skewer here when they’ve killed the chicken these are pretty much eggs that haven’t even been born. So they’re still inside like undeveloped literally all the locals are just here eating at this street food core it’s at this market you can buy your frog over there, and then you pay your dollar, and you can just sit down on the carpet there how intestines just cooking away in front of us. So you drink the urine temperature ah, and then today when ziplining yeah you’re on the way out, and we decided we almost forgot to try some durian durian is the stinky fruit right I believe. So yes especially if she is covering off history Oh okay a little bit what’s the texture what’s a ferrule I just get the tracks every noises bad that is better that’s just as review right there yeah yeah it had a sit-in method what else oh yeah yeah don’t you like it yeah it’s very good very go hey this is Julian hey all right rotten egg smell I think it tastes like rotten egg I just finished two kilogram of this one alone loving it paint it love it I don’t think it smells out that no oh my goodness, I’m so full I would not need to eat more no more food how many amongst that was awesome we found out that the marketplace we went to they say usually it’s about 99 percent locals, and only 1% or. So I definitely think we got the Cambodia experience. But we are going to bed guys be an early start tomorrow. So good luck guys, and we’ll see you tomorrow Oh.


Hi we’re Stephen, and Jess were flying the nest, and one year ago we left Australia to travel the world, and this has been our year geez nice race all of these broken dreams, and fly Oh yeah, and it is even more beautiful for the last time I saw my friends I like walking right on it into the Grand Canyon it is the grandest of the, I’m so cold. But the northern lights are showing there okay guys we’ve just arrived at Costa Rican Animal Rescue Center that is breakfast in bed this is amazing one of the best experiences I’ve ever done. But already to go, and explore Europe we’re gonna be going up the Eiffel Tower bounce on Levi’s frozen move you ready clear you’re gonna be my model for the photo racing all these broken chicken selfie right Steve can you take a photo here. So technically this is the greatest gossip yeah the first hop has to be the policy you just crossed into a xxx country just walking the line River love Africa I will make a ball favorite mother traveling living under incredible disabled mountain hello.

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