All right Hey from Bangkok right in early too early should go back to sleep 10 km run at sunrise feeling pretty good her sweat very high it’s already about 30 degrees Celsius, and it’s like 7:20 in the morning, I’ll feel good, I’m still awake, I’m feeling alive ready to go also you probably saw this yeah that is what the hotel / r looks like there’s wires all about things charging everywhere shower breakfast time to get on with day number 5 in Thailand today I actually left Bangkok oh my gosh look at the full of boulders look at your dog what’s the game oh my gosh hi it’s a cute dog back to the post today we actually left Bangkok we went across the river it’s more or less like leaving New York City, and going into New Jersey, and I am at a local market now, and I cannot pronounce the name.


So, I’m going to have my friend pronounce the name. So you can know where we’re at. So what’s this place called come on follow me on I only want to try to say that. But that’s where we are right now. So far one of the coolest things about Thailand is the fact that you can go from a city like Bangkok which is bigger than New York to a place like this a local market maybe 30 minutes outside the city I way we start our day when you were mine when you were mine. So stuck in my freshly squeezed orange juice oh try some is no fresh wow that’s like tangerine, and a little bit of lime, and or it’ll fall. So that’s amazing this is like as authentic as a gift in Thailand everything here is local everything is fresh we’re about to get low here can blow oh my god getting real low finally oh my my head thank you thank you okay I feel like whenever I come to Asia act like a giant this is a floating market place this market is only open on the weekends, and people come up with their boats they have all their produce, and they dock their boats right here they exchange other goods, and it’s kind of like a trained barter system it’s very cool I’ve never seen anything like this you go you go when you you go you come catfish attack of the capital a lot of those propels jumped on a long bow cruise into the canal tier rata Bangkok catfishing with attack the camera just then this is incredible we made it maybe like 30 minutes on the bow, and we’re active restaurant another market oh yeah we have tofu we have some root veggies how good at this Bon Appetit if the cool vibe it’s got a real like community vibe going on all the longboats are pulling up people are getting out lots of people buying their groceries for the week hey guys what’s up it’s Eric.

So we’re back we’re about to go to song cron it’s going to be amazing, I’m gonna fly the throne again guys let me tell you about the throne I love my job I’ve been to five this year I was like at that McDonald’s over make no losers my drones like I can fly drones are you kidding me you just you just Donald Trump nothing you really gonna top I would just like going on my according down, I’m here no one knows drones like I know dude I have the best joke that you hear this right now do you hear you see all this we’re doing even though May is even making fun of me no. But we left the floating market great time amazing food we have our Sun crown where these are stars really ensued today what are these scarves again oh this is that like a tight style called taco man. So like the theme for Afghan today’s called. So God how come on your Yahoo everybody will wear something like different it kind of like alright love Katella aren’t you going to go tell her right now. But no we are doing our last day of some con we’re in Bangkok again. But to go out with or water guns why are you making fun oh just like me the time, and I got me last time at funk on with our scarves it’s getting serious here we’re about to go in a water gun in hand, I’m ready to go are you ready this is the last hurrah for Hong Kong this is it yesterday after this was going back to the States don’t crown at 2018 I came, and explained a few things I think it’s amazing the fact that I was in Chiang Mai for Hong Kong, and then in Bangkok. Because the two places are so different at right there that craziness whatever that was that was madness compared to Shanghai Shanghai was tame compared to that it’s kind of college party meets Festival meets Christmas meets New Year’s just happy people running around the water symbolizes you know washing away the past year, and things that happened in almost like a new beginning I love the concept of water the healing purpose I think that’s just.

So it’s so true with everything water heals everything if you are from Thailand, and you’re reading this post comment down below where you spent your song crown was it you know Chiang Mai in Bangkok where were you in Bangkok, I’m curious to know. Because I feel like this is an event that, I’m going to come back for we’re about to do this Instagram a photo shoot rooftop style it’s gonna get kind of intense we’re on the top of the hotel it’s actually a lot higher than we thought it was going to be. So we’re probably going to go to a roof over that way there looks like it was up that’s much safer than that I would never in a million years get on that engine stop. So now we’re at the hotel next our hotel, and oh my gosh we should have stayed here evening yeah just for drinking sunset this is the ideal ending to an amazing past three days of celebrations here yeah here’s a very nice pair of pants you know very nice, and structure, and you’ve got some nice support here is Eric today boarding a beautiful long rip rate down his right cheek Eric I think it’s time for some new panthro it started like this, and now it’s like yeah when I first saw you is about this big, and now it’s big we just had a delicious sushi dinner from all thank you of the Thailand tours, and group 2018 for Songkran, and this is the part of the post where I crash hard real hard I was supposed to go meet up with Christian, and Laura at this rooftop sky bar that looked amazing get back to the hotel i sat down my chair to dump all my footage from the day on my computer, and I don’t think, I’m going to get back up tomorrow another full day these days have been I mean today’s post started at 5:15 in the morning it’s not 10:30 at night if you’re loving that drone footage give this post a thumbs up right down here below tap that thumbs up on I mean I feel like to step up, and getting on this trip, and some of my best drone footage yet I will see you tomorrow from Bangkok Thailand only a few days left in Thailand. So until then remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion.

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