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CIA World Factbook: Vital statis tics on European geography, governments, economies, and politics.

Lycos: General introductions to cities and regions throughout Europe, accompanied by links to applicable history, news, and local tourism sites.

WWW.LETSGO.COM Our newly designed website now features the full online content of all of our guides. In addition, trial versions of all nine City Guides are available for download on Palm OS„ PDAs. Our website also contains our news letter, links for photos and streaming videos, online ordering of our titles, info about our books, and a travel forum buzzing with stories and tips.

Much of the Haitian diet is quite similar to that consumed Best countries to visit in december throughout the Caribbean region. Common basic ingredients and strong African traditions have contributed to widespread similarities in Best countries to visit in december foods and their preparation. Most Haitians like their food hot and spicy (from peppers). Beans (of various types) and rice comes as close as any food to being a national dish. Beans, rice, and cornmeal are food staples. Remember the Creole pigs? Pork was a basic meat prior to the early 1980s when most of the country’s pigs were killed following an outbreak of African swine fever virus.

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