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Fall migration generally starts in mid-August when small raptors, like American Kestrels and Sharp-shinned Hawks, appear. The migration continues until December, when large raptors such as eagles and Redtailed Hawks fly overhead. Peak migration is from mid-September to late October.

Many different things lure birdwatchers to Hawk Ridge. For some it’s a day like September 18,1994, when hawk counters saw a record 49,552 hawks; or the day 644 Bald Eagles soared overhead, showing that they are well on their way to recovery in the northland. For others, it’s not the numbers but the species. The sighting of a Gyrfalcon, Peregrine Falcon, or a Golden Eagle can stir the blood of an avid hawk watcher.

He continued to live on his farm until his death in 1675. Although Blackstone was the first English settler in Rhode Island, the colony was not firmly established until the arrival of Roger Williams in 1636. Like Blackstone, Williams was a minister from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Unlike Blackstone, Williams actively sought leadership of his own religious congregation. In late fall of 1635, he was exiled by the leaders of Massachusetts Bay for his dangerous opinions on religion, political rule, and English treatment of Native Countrys. Best countries to visit in march Following his exile, Williams spent the winter with a Wampanoag community on the eastern side of Narragansett Bay. In the spring, he purchased land on the Seekonk River from the Wampanoag. Governor Edward Winslow of Plymouth Colony informed him that he was living on Plymouth land and suggested that he move farther west. In June of 1636, Williams purchased land from the Narragansett on the other side of the Seekonk River. Shortly afterward, he was joined by his wife, children, and some of his followers. They founded a town they called Providence and drew up a fellowship to determine laws of governing.

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