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Blue Flag Irises

Blue Flag Irises grow in wet meadows, swamps, marshes, and along lakes and streams from Manitoba to Nova Scotia at the northern limit of its range and from Country to Virginia at its southern limit. This perennial flower tends to grow in clumps that form from thick underground networks of rhizomes. The flower, which blooms in June, rises on a stalk from among narrow swordlike leaves. While the leaves and rhizomes are toxic to humans and most grazing animals, Native Americans and early colonists used very small amounts of dried rhizome as a cathartic and diuretic.

Follow it, going up to the stile, and now Best US family destinations look across an area of parkland, with fine views to the South Downs beyond. The course Best US family destinations of the path is not distinct through the field beyond the stile, but take a roughly diagonal course. The ground rises slightly and as you reach the top of the rise you can look down to a pond, marked on maps as Stewards Pond. Aim for the left-hand edge of the pond and, having skirted its edge, aim for a gate straight ahead at the end of the field. Go through the gate and immediately turn right onto a good track which you follow uphill; as it gets more wooded, look for a left fork with footpath sign. Take this left fork and go uphill, crossing a fairway on the Cowdray Park Golf Course, aiming for a footpath sign on the other side and keeping in the same direction.

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