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And one Two, three A two Two, three A three Two, three A four Two, three A five Two, three A six Two, three And smile, Smile Smile Smile Solidarity, solidarity Solidarity forever We’re proud to be working class Solidarity forever Solidarity, solidarity Solidarity forever We’re proud to be working class Solidarity forever Hi this is Elton John. And I’m Here to tell you that Billy Elliot the musical has been probably one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done in my life. It’s certainly been on of the most successful and one of the most rewarding things.

Give ’em the old razzle dazzle Turn on the old pizzazz There won’t be time to shilly shally Give it backbone, give it welly Wouldn’t want to knock ’em out Show them what life is all about Give them the old razzle dazzle And shine You opened your hearts to us and we love you for it. Thank you. Let’s just think about what the job, what the role really demands. We’ve been looking for a boy who can plausibly get into the royal ballet school. They need to have tap dancing, extraordinary contemporary dance skills, they need to have extraordinary gymnastic skills. On top of all that they need to sing a number of Elton John ballads. It is an extraordinary burden to put on such little shoulders, and never before has anything been asked of a child to this degree within the theater.

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When we stand as one All out together When we stand as one All out as one Talking about economic collapse, talking about the struggle, talking about people fighting for their communities. Fighting for their lively hoods, fighting for their.. In a sense their very existence and this little talisman, this little magical child, with all the hopes and dreams of the community are invested into this little boy. I think people do find it very moving. electricity sparks inside of me And I’m free You’re pulling for everybody basically. You’re pulling for Mrs Wilkinson, you’re pulling for the father and the grandma and you’re definitely pulling for Billy and it’s got every single emotion that you can hope to have. I’m free.

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