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In the winter, the Tuscarora removed to hunting camps. Tuscarora political life in the colonial period appears to have been highly centralized. Chennai Map Tourist Attractions Because of their location between expanding white settlements and interior nations, and as a result of their looming military presence, the Tuscarora became middlemen in the flourishing Anglo-Indian trade in rum, furs, skins, and firearms.

The European settlement of North Carolina, and particularly the founding of the Swiss-German settlement at New Bern in 1709 by Baron Christophe von Graffenried, posed a new set of problems for the Tuscarora.

Prior to New Bern, white, largely English settlement had occurred north of their territory in Virginia and south of their territory in South Carolina. The Tuscarora also became victims of white abuse, both by individual settlers and the overall unequal terms of trade.

To make matters worse, white settlements had begun to encroach on Tuscarora land. Native Countrys allied with the traders at Carolina compounded the Tuscarora’s problems by continually raiding for slaves to satisfy Carolinian and West Indian demands. By 1711, the situation had deteriorated, and the southern Tuscarora decided to attack white settlements in the conflict that came to be known as the Tuscarora War.

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