Hi guys hello welcome to my Villa that.

I have its villa there is tie-dye cushions as, you know or not know. I’m currently in Tobago I’ll be here all summer yeah look at this golden sheeny Chad are, you impressed. I’m working on it working on it look at their white dad white head yes success anyways um.


I just wanted to sit down stand up smile sitting standing Oh. And talk to, you guys about something, it’s actually not really a funny subject, but hey. So what.

I wanted to talk to, you guys about today was loneliness yeah loneliness. And travel. And loneliness in life.

I experienced a lot of it when I travel especially solo right now. I’m on the road.

And have been on the road for various periods of time in the last four years kind of crazy to think about that where. I’ve done a lot of travel by myself. And a lot of things by myself as, you can currently see.

I am by myself in a villa by myself there can fit a lot more people in this villa, but it is currently just a me um which is, you know what some people would be like oh my gosh that’s amazing it’s so great, you have all this independence. And freedom.

I do. I have the freedom to do whatever it is that. I want to do well not essentially everything that.

I want to do but I can go out and. I can do a lot of various activities.

I can make my own choices that’s the beauty of solo travel. And traveling by yourself is that, you can do what, you choose. I get to see all these beautiful amazing places but.

I am by myself. I. And, it’s hard to describe what loneliness is because.

I interact with people all the time all day every day. I talk to somebody else. I’m talking with someone else or.

I’m there are people around me. I’m not necessarily by myself now, this is it something that kind of comes on, you know after a couple nights of being by yourself no, this is a feeling. And something that happens to people who travel for months.

And months. And years on end it happens a lot with solo travel because. I don’t get to see my friends that often.

I don’t see my family that often. And the friends that. I do have that.

I do make all my travels. I make them for maybe a day a week maybe two weeks if. I’m lucky.

And then they’re gone they’re they’re gone out of my life and. I don’t know if I’ll see them again. And and when, you are constantly doing this well, it’s amazing.

And, it’s great that, you get to meet all these cool people, you get tired of telling the same story again, you get tired of asking the same questions to every single person, you meet, you get to a point where, you just stop trying, you just stop trying. And that’s awful, it’s awful thing to say. And um.

I don’t want to be there. I don’t want to be at that point and. I don’t want to be that person that just kind of shuts off because, you go what’s the point.

I know what. I’m trying to say is that, this is just one of the different sides of travel that, you don’t necessarily get to see that. I don’t necessarily talk about a lot of travelers don’t like to talk about it and, you only it only is until, you you’ve done a lot of travel do, you really get to this point where, you start noticing these things and, you start craving just having friends.

I mean I have friends but I don’t have them here with me and.

I wish. I did um and. I just want those things that when you’re doing long term travel.

And if you’re living a nomadic lifestyle which a kind of M. And will be in the next while um, you have to learn to deal with, you have to learn to to accept. And figure out ways to cope um, it’s hard, it’s it really is.

I mean I laugh about it, but like, it’s it’s genuinely really hard sometimes. So that’s why.

I mean that’s why. I love doing these posts. I love making these kind of goes for, you guys because, you are my social connection with the world it sounds sad, but it’s.

So true. I get to interact with thousands of, you guys reading my posts commenting on my various social networks. And, it’s fantastic, it’s wonderful, but um.

I just wanna ask, you guys do with how many tips, but if not don’t worry about it just be my friend just continue reading my posts that’s all there that’s all that that’s all. I ask, you guys thank, you guys so much for reading in this post don’t really know what it was, but hey what up hello guys.

And welcome back to my how to Travel Guide budgets edition part 3 Travel horror stories. ?

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