Hello ladies. And welcome to female travel advice with my favorite – female traveler is Riya Rozier.

And Christian Sarah from Honolulu HI we are gonna talk to, you about female travel tips. And give, you girls some advice on traveling as a female because we’re all very well-traveled females we know a lot about being females packing our stuff some things, you should know as a female packing first of all, you don’t need everything that, you think, you do. I apparently literally everything.


I own fits into a carry-on right now like. I’ve basically you’re gonna do a trip with like a ton of stuff. And then come back like.

I didn’t wear half of this. And try to scale down as much as, you can because especially if you’re backpacking or something, you do not want to be lugging around a curler a straightener three jackets like four pairs of jeans, you that will just make your life miserable plan your belt fits plant a couple outfits. And do laundry, you are going to be doing laundry on the road.

So, you can’t pack all the like accessories, you can’t pack all the specific won’t use them anyway. And have things that, you can like use. And like combine the other things don’t bring that one dress that’s only good for that one night in my filing.

I have this one item that. I always bring with me. And, it’s like a big piece of fabric, but, you can make into a dress or skirt or a shirt, it’s an abbess those versus helping out also.

I always say to layer everything, you want to bring with, you. And your trip. And then get rid of half of it it silks are really great because there’s.

So light. And they dry really really quick yeah and. I look thank, you going to don’t bring things that, you need to iron like no because no you’re not going to have time cannot also another thing is make sure that, you look up what is culturally appropriate where you’re going because, you can just think of a super hot spring my tiny shorts.

And tiny dresses, but, it’s not always like appropriate where you’re going. So yeah look up we’re going in what normal to where their who are traveling another country and, you do want to try, you want to exercise yeah and, you don’t want to wind it. I mean if you’re going to wear a tank top in like some Middle Eastern countries you’re also asking.

I’m sorry yeah that’s just how does. I say bring up a Jimena because, you can use it cover up as blanket as bouquets like. So many things in America, you wear that any shortens up everywhere.

And then in Bulgaria it was like, you can’t wear shorts in the city, you know like what. And it was like Bulgaria super liberal, it’s not like a religious thing at all, it’s just like people just don’t do it. So, it’s weird if.

I do it is it found upon or is it just, it’s just kind of like yeah kind of like why are, you wearing tiny Sh like my parents are like work freeze or something like really wear shorts yeah and. I did get opening up. And becoming more Western, but yeah.

I think, it’s just like a culture things unnecessarily yeah like always a religion thing on it when, you dress to the culture you’ll also feel like, you belong a bit more and, you wanna like you’re so much of a torus yeah and, you won’t be treated as a bunch of a tourist like that’s a big one yeah like the shoe situation to something that is comfortable yes do not bring uncomfortable shoes if you need to bring heels one wedges or yeah or even fake, you yeah. I don’t know stiletto no no never, you never really never in life hey hi.

And what your heels are fine and. I definitely backpack with a pair of heels before, but wedges um as a female we have that time a month. So sometimes when you’re traveling for a long time, you don’t want to bring like tons of pads or tampons.

And sometimes. And there are countries that don’t even sell tampons um yes so. I would recommend a Diva Cup, it’s reusable, it’s easy to use once you’ve got the hair, it’s like a plastic cup basically.

And, it’s better for the environment. And super easy to pack, you can just reuse it over. And over again.

And it kind of sounds grass but I get the hang of it fine sanitary always have some emergencies of omneya at all times because, you don’t to get in the funk on a train a 12-hour train somewhere you’re like. I’m screwed just like a little travel-size things yeah a couple few of those yeah he’ll get to the room man chilling with that um men exist.

And we love, you okay men are great, but when, you are traveling as a female, you need to learn how to deal with men because, you are gonna have a lot of very encounters with them first off is stairs yeah in. I would say most of the countries a lot of countries around the world you’re going to get stairs like even if you think about it in your home countries you’ll get stairs as a female obviously there’s a lot of factors that come into play with that. I mean like, you could be just wearing normal clothing.

And you’ll get serious just by being a female walking around. And it also, it’s a culture thing as well because like in Italy people will shout at, you like Bella or whatever all the time. And, it’s it’s not like rude to them like they’re just like complimenting you.

So, it’s it’s very different different cultures with catcalling. And staring yeah some kind she’s like totally not appropriate. And some, it’s just like everyone does it.

And yeah like that – yeah. I’ve used, it’s like an India if. I’m staring at, you.

And you’re like why are, you standing at me oh just if. I’m Indian. I just keep staring, it’s just really out of curiosity is, you have harmless, but if it can make, you feel a little uncomfortable right, you know yeah yeah sometimes it is harmless.

And the Caribbean. And stuff like. I walked out.

And like, it’s not even that you’re dressed up like you’re not even like dressed up in like cute dresses. And stuff like. I was like in scrubs.

I have a hair. I was like. I’m just going to the corner store to get some food.

I’m like in t-shirts. And like you’re not even not shorts or just regular shorts. And you’ll still get stares you’re still in conference yeah interested yeah.

And. I’m waiting for faith. And be cautious, but at the same time like just realize that, it’s just different everywhere.

And kind of like get used to Ansel it also just want to point out too. I wouldn’t recommend is something, you want to kind of be like look. I recognized it.

And maybe smile do not do that because in a lot of countries that’s like inviting like oh she’s interested right yeah is ignore yeah ignore the best way is just to keep walking if you’re walking don’t look doctor don’t don’t even say anything just keep walking. And they’re gonna they won’t it was good board Oh keep snaring doesn’t wonder if he’ll keep staring. And nothing will happen, it’s just yeah something you’ll get used to yeah unfortunately it is what happens to talk about some fun in countries in the well because men are great that are great men um hostels are a great place to meet there your label of beautiful soon they Australian better like this literally where, you go to if you ever want to find it off if you’re Italian and, you dig right also mind you.

I mean like he’ll meet then. And there will be, you know we’re all adults here. And we like to make wise decisions in some kind rays, it’s expected as a female.

I guess over the age of maybe 16 that if you that your yeah um. So to avoid maybe the attention that, you don’t want um, you can wear a wedding ring because that avoids, you know if they see a wedding ring on, you they being respected. And, it’s a lot of time shown they really respect attending won’t, you know you’re worried about that.

And if you want to if you if, you just don’t want to be left kind of alone because yeah people do expect, you to be married other cultures around the world a lot of culture on the world if you are over a certain age they’re like why aren’t, you married what happened do, you not have a boyfriend why tree to avoid that’s just how it is yes how it is unfortunately, you. And also in a lot of countries they they want to help, you as a female they see, you as a soul fuel to, this is fine balance, it’s like being cautious as a female when. And when a guy approaches, you.

And you’re in a foreign country. And you’re by yourself to being, you know open because they’re a lot of times. I’m really just trying to help, you because they see, you as like why are, you on your own, this is something wrong like, you shouldn’t be on your own, you should be like.

I need to help, you. And they have this like desire to help, you. And they’re totally doing it out of being nice.

And friendly like like in China. And stuff a lot of people they’re just trying dialogue yeah. So but.

I mean like. I said, it’s a spine line sense which is, you don’t want to be like eczema is a guy purchase if you’re if you’re solo female if you’re doing that, you don’t want it like completely just dismiss it, you gotta kind of just be cautious, but also follow your instinct at everything, you guys probably recognize you’re in when, you travel are so much stronger and, you are right about all the energies coming your way.

So if you trust somebody like, you feel that, you could trust them, you probably can, but also a side note keep an eye on what the emergency phone number is wherever, you are, it’s different in different places yeah. So yeah like, it’s just good to know what it is everywhere, you go sick as being a female. I would say some of the biggest difference between being a female.

And a male yeah blurry. I have to be very cautious. And aware.

And like the cultural differences for a lot of men doesn’t make a difference, but for us like what we should wear what we should do yeah, it’s very keep an eye on all that stuff can number one thing is, you want to make sure you’re comfortable. And safe forever, you are yeah. I always look confident even if you don’t like if you’re walking around trying to find someplace like even if you don’t know where you’re going pretend, you know where you’re going look confident.

And strong in your facial expressions that really does make a difference yeah night time is the biggest issue any type of alcohol or or night time is involved if you ever have an issue that’s when you’re going to have it. I mean that’s somewhat similar to probably where you’re from now what like at night time if, it’s night time in your traveling, but you’re female by yourself even if yeah yeah walking it out yeah yeah always never done even if like, you don’t have that much money just take a cab anyway just. I always stick with being said nighttime for sure in the daytime looks.

I’ve walked a loaded up, you know from Tomatoes, it’s not, it’s really not bad walking by yourself as a female in the daytime at night that’s a good bed, you really want to err on this. I feel like, it’s the same at home probably wherever you’re from. I would assume, you would probably not lock in certain areas by yourself.

So, it’s like that everywhere in the world in some places more than others yeah we really cause just about when, you go somewhere new, you don’t, you might not know where those like more dangerous areas are so. I just. I always try to stay safe, you should always know where your hotel is, you have an address have it the Apple iPad alike are like always testing people where you’re going.

So yeah if you have your family members like on here. I’m going to the city tomorrow, you can. I’m going to this place sometimes, you don’t really know, but at least try to update someone important telling them where you’re going every country is city in the world that, you go to there’s going to be a safe part that, it’s going to be a dangerous.

And more dangerous part figure out where those areas are right off the bat know where those are. So, you don’t find something also don’t tell people that you’re alone uh Angele yeah if someone’s like oh are, you traveling by yourself, you don’t have to answer with the truth you’d say oh no no. I’m meeting up a couple people.

I just called them they know where. I am heading to this place, you know don’t say it oh no. I’m alone oh no don’t worry.

I’m coming also if you’re if you meet someone, you have a great night whatever if you end up going to their place or their hotel or whatever know where that is like. I have an idea where, you are because yeah, you just want to wake up like give no idea where you’re just keeping it like just take office all the time just keep an eye on like where, you are. And who you’re with.

And what you’re doing. And make sure you’re feeling hopeful with all of it Mulder this person has guys girls if you’re gonna have a purse strap cross-table spot. I keep it like all the way front because my oh yeah here white a common thing a lot of countries you’ll see it like, it’s very noticeable in certain countries is a bag in the front because like they’re pickpocketing is an issue when, you go around.

And purse this make sure your purse zips up don’t have got my passport stolen because that appear like that yeah that didn’t slip up and. I would like went around this post there or and. I was like, it’s gone.

And brought bras are good for more than what, you think wanna marry out of stage go through like my if. I want to be public transit or something man we’re just totally cool to do that’s being multiplied oh yeah, it’s like just put your hand in your purse yeah. So accommodations.

And where to stay when, you were possible to house also a man my favorite. And the nice thing about hostas too is they’re all some hostels have female specific your rooms yeah or snowstorm room yeah. So whatever you’re more comfortable with, it’s good that, you have that option.

And if you’re doing like Airbnb or anything like that just always read the comments or capture for anything, you can do that like don’t be scared if your soul or whatever like don’t it doesn’t mean that, you can’t couch your air B&B or whatever just read the comments if there’s like a hundred positive comments then most likely you’re building your iPhone yeah for sure as a female there are differences, but they’re also lost similarities and, you should if you are a female looking to travel whatever method of travel group solo this don’t be scared because you’re female don’t let the media fool, you into thinking that more challenging as a female to travel that, it’s dangerous or the female to travel like. I said they’re obviously as we touched on in this post there are certain things that, you need to just be aware of, but, it’s really not as scary as using it up the basket. And give yourself.

And we’ve all been doing it for years. And we are here you’ve survived. And we’re still doing it yeah just be cautious, but have fun, it’s going to be.

So much fun. So gonna grab it. And you’re going for it not much more independence yeah all fit yes, you are strong confident smart educated a female’s love this, you want all of, you females to be like this get out travel yeah yeah you’ve all done it.

And we’re not super women we’re normal everyday women. So, you girls short little girls, but nothing scared, you Willy can. So hello enjoy your couples well thank you.

So much for reading this post. I really hope, you girls have learned something um if there are any more questions, you want to know as a female specific travel let me know down below in the comments and. We’ll add a new like maybe a part two or I’ll try to answer some of them for you.

So yeah thank, you girls for joining me today, it’s great yeah. And uh we actually built two more posts um. So we did a really fun travel quiz on Ron’s blog hilarious.

So we’re going to tag on Christian Channel we did a QA like of all our travel experiences there’s some questions in depth yeah yeah, it’s rainy now luckily. I always carry an umbrella with me. ?

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