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Map. In addition to keeping you from getting lost, or helping to find out where you are if you do happen to get lost, a map is good to have handy as it helps you identify surrounding landmarks. Being able to identify the land features makes the hike more interesting and enables you to develop geographic connections between what you see around you and places on the map that lay beyond the horizon.

Extra clothing. The idea here is to plan for cooler or wet weather. If the weather gets hotter you can always take off layers, or stop and rest. But if it gets cooler, you will need to add layers of clothing. In the event of rain, it becomes especially important to wear something that will keep you dry. Getting wet dramatically increases the likelihood of developing hypothermia which, besides being debilitating in its own right, can compound other problems.


This congress operated as the government of Massachusetts outside British- Fresno Map Tourist Attractions controlled Boston. Its functions included promoting communications between towns, making decisions regarding the colony’s Fresno Map Tourist Attractions future, and raising recruits and supplies for the Continental army. Matrilineal. Tracing descent, and usually inheritance, through the maternal line. Matrilocal. Centered around the residence of the wife’s family.

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