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The resurgence of Uptown nightlife led to the creation of two separate – and competing-after-work events: Alive After Five and EpiCentre at 5. The events merged last spring into a single event-Alive After Five, the largest happy-hour event in Uptown. Every Thursday evening from 5 to 9 P.M., throngs of people take off their ties and toss their briefcases aside to take advantage of drink specials and listen to live bands at the Pavilion at EpiCentre (301 S. Tryon St., 704/537-2304, The indoor-outdoor venue has a rooftop patio as well as an enclosed bar and lounge that offer expansive views of Uptown. Depending on the evening, the crowds range from a few hundred to a few thousand and include everyone from bankers and lawyers to baristas and shop clerks who gather, drinks in hand, in all of the nooks and crannies of the Pavilion. The event has garnered such a following that it draws revelers from all corners of the Queen City. The crowd doesn’t dissipate at the end of the evening; it simply moves to one of the other nightspots at EpiCentre to continue partying.

1665 The French establish control over the western third of Hispaniola Glendale Map , which they call Saint-Domingue (today, the Republic of Haiti). Bertrand d’ Glendale Map Og©ron is entrusted with the tasks of settling farmers on the western coast of Hispaniola and imposing order on Tortuga, a small island that has been functioning as a de facto pirate kingdom. Within a decade, d’Og©ron will accomplish both of these goals. Tobacco becomes the first successful cash crop of SaintDomingue. 16651667 The Second Dutch War essentially removes the Spanish from the colonization of the Caribbean. Up to this point, Northern Europeans have usually worked together against Spanish interests. After 1665, the contest between France and England becomes more important and forces massive governmental expenditures in support of more than a century of warfare.

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