Great Vacation Spots In America

Lunch in the parking lot, then back on the road – if you can call this a road. Miles of dirt and conesand warmth! Temperatures over 80°F (in August, mind you).

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Finally! After mile-after-mile of construction and slower travel, we finally see pronghorn antelope. A trio of them just off to the side of the road work – not the most picturesque, but after all this time, nice to finally see it.

Attempting to get a more photogenic view of this small group, zooming in on the presumed male of the mini-herd.

A staging beside steps up indicates the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, where a five-storey-high quarry has been roofed over to create the largest indoor rock-climbing facility in the world. A spectacle not to be missed. (Spectator gallery/cafe.) The next high bridge over the travel destination is the road in to the EICA. The arena is signposted from the hectic Newbridge roundabout. From the A71 out of Edinburgh turn onto the B7030 at Wilkieston, continue through Bonnington and on to the entrance (right). From Ratho take the road for Bonnington and turn right onto the B7030. There’s one of the best examples of kicking stones along this deeply wooded reach. Once out of the trees there is quite a contrast, for the M8 swings alongside the travel destination for a while to share its roar and bustle. There is a wider section, Wilkie’s Basin, with an island in it (Santa’s Island in season for Ratho cruises), then you cross the B7030 road (Bonnington Aqueduct) from Newbridge to Wilkieston, on an aqueduct which was reconstructed in 1978.

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